Before I started working with Matt my weight had really spun out of control for many different reasons and it had begun to really affect myself and my family. I wasn’t able to keep up with my son, my confidence was low, self-esteem shattered and I would generally try to avoid leaving the house at all if I could. I let my weight really hold me back from a lot over the years. So after months of seeing numerous transformations on Matt’s facebook and discussing this with a friend of mine who recommended Matt, I decided to give it a go.

It was difficult, I won’t lie- I was working a 3 cycle shift at the time and healthy food choices weren’t my priority and exercise rarely came into the picture. I didn’t even have the confidence to go to a gym but Matt changed all that. He developed a program that I could work with from home and more importantly one that I wouldn’t get bored with. After a while, I gained enough confidence to actually join the gym which helped me even more.

He made me look at my food and exercise in a more positive way and slowly over time my body started to change. It is true what other people have said- he really does motivate you when you hit a low point and I hit many along the way but Matt was able to talk me out of giving up every time. I couldn’t disappoint him and let him down.

I’m a different person now completely both physically and mentally and it is really down to his dedication in helping me achieve what I thought was impossible.

If you are thinking about looking into fitness or you want to make a change, get onto Matt. It was the best decision I ever made- my only regret is that I didn’t start with him sooner.”

– Alan Quigley

Matt’s thoughts;

“I am beyond proud of Alan, there isn’t enough words to describe a life changing transformation like this.

A lot of times people will just look at the before and after pictures and forgot about the all the time between these. THE PROCESS.

They just think about the crazy results and don’t realize the ups and downs that go on in between.

I think I could just keep writing and writing about Alan and how far he’s come, so instead i’m just going to keep it to a few points.

– Alan lost weight for around the first 6 months. Never stepping foot inside a gym. Doing home workouts and circuits made up by me with the equipment he had available.

– He then joined the gym and has been maintaining his weight for the last number of months while getting stronger and stronger.

– He couldn’t do a bodyweight push up or Squat a year ago and now squats 90kg and benches 80kg.

– He works shift work, has a young child and family to look after while trying to fit in his training, exercise and stay on track with his diet.

– THIS HAS NOT BEEN EASY. PLEASE DON’T LOOK AT THE PICTURES AND THINK IT WAS EASY FOR HIM. Completely changing your lifestyle, routine, eating habits and behaviors is not a quick fix. It’s a long term process with plenty of setbacks along the way.

But It’s all part of the process and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

MCFuturefitness; We don’t care about fast results, we care about end results.

A lot of people would say I’ve changed Alan’s life.

But really he’s changed mine just as much.”

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