”So I started my journey with Matt at the beginning of January. Matt and myself sat down and worked out a plan for me to compete in my first men’s physique competition. At the time I was only planning on doing one competition and Matt’s annual photoshoot for his chosen charity but this soon turned into 3 competitions.

I worked with Matt for 5 months. In this time I can honestly say that if its wasn’t for the knowledge, commitment and patience I received from Matt, I woudn’t have made it to one competition never mind three competitions and a photoshoot.

There were numerous times I felt like I wasn’t going to be able to do it but it’s like Matt knew the problem I was facing before I knew it myself. He was always there with an answer no matter what the question was and without fail he carried me over the line the last few weeks – even on his holidays he was getting back to me about how I was feeling and looking for my show.

Being a personal trainer my self, Matt has taught me a lot over the time I have worked with him. This is the extra bonus but that’s what he does – he educates you so you can change your lifestyle for the better.

His knowledge on fitness, nutrition and how the body and mind works is next to none – brilliant!! I loved my journey with Matt, and would recommend Matt to anyone looking to change there lifestyle for the better.”

– Andy Duffy

Matt’s thoughts;

”Andy came to me last December with the goal of competing this year. We mapped out a plan with possible show dates.

First priority was to get Andy’s body in a prime position to lose fat. We spent this initial period pushing calories up, improving recovery and optimizing health.

This set us up to move nicely into a fat loss phase and competition prep diet.

His body responded well and we were able to get him into contest shape, actually reverse dieting him and increasing calories going into the last 2 shows!!

This 5/6 month process allowed Andy to get into the best shape of his life, competing 3 times & bringing a better package to the stage each time.

Getting into this shape is no easy task. His commitment and hard work was top class. He took everything on board that I asked of him and made the necessary changes to keep progressing.”

I really enjoyed working with Andy and being a part of the experience.

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