”I always thought I was in control with my food and my portion sizes and that I was eating the right amount for my training. I lost a lot of weight a few years ago and thought I was heading in the right direction with doing Crossfit and trying to eat healthy.

I could feel the pounds starting to creep and feel it in my clothes but I was using Crossfit as an excuse for me bulking but it was actually the size of the portions I was eating.

I signed up to do this programme because I heard so much about how well people done wit Matt. Matt really opened my eyes to what I was actually eating my meal sizes were probably 3 times the size I was eating on his plan.

The plan was so easy to follow so much structure and direction from Matt and really opened my eyes to this not just been a healthy diet but an actual lifestyle. I loved all the foods on the plan and never felt hungry in fact I was more hungry when I was eating my own so called “healthy diet”.

I lost 15 pounds and 39 inches in the 8 week programme. I would 100% encourage anyone who is thinking of it to do it, was never a problem day or night your question was always answered and that’s why I chose to stay on with Matt. I now look forward to my meals and esp my little treats because you aren’t restricted to the things you love and can still live.”

– Aoife

Matt’s thoughts;

”Aoife’s tranformation is incredible. She really put in the work with her diet over the 8 week programme a long side doing Crossfit 3-4 days a week.

She really wanted to make a change so decided to give up alcohol for the 8 weeks of the programme! This isn’t necessary but if you want the best results possible, it really helps.

She lost 15 lbs and and 39 inches from her measurements.

One thing that really helped her achieve such great results besides her diet adherence was her activity levels. She was doing up to 20,000 steps per day!!

Her energy and performance at Crossfit improved over the course of the programme and she has signed up again so really looking forward to seeing what we can achieve!”

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