“Before I signed up with Matt I was your typical gym goer going from exercise to exercise with no guidance or structure in place! When I first started with Matt I had a banged up shoulder and lower back from lifting as I had no great knowledge of program development, Matt taught me the fundamentals of weight training and and how to keep progressing with monthly programs adding smart principles and goal establishment to my training which is hugely beneficial! My first training block with Matt after a month my shoulder and lower back pain became not existent and increased my structural balance and range of motion,it was a different type of training I was used to but quickly found out it was the correct way. He implements the correct adherence strategies and nutrition plans that fit for that client and helped me overcome barriers which got in my way of achieving my goals

Nothing much needs to be said about Matt’s work ethic that people don’t know already. His dedication shows in his work and more importantly he practices what he preaches which shows in his daily snapchat content and other social media forums showing that fitness isn’t a phase it’s a lifestyle.

Looking forward to progressing more with the coach himself in the future ”

– Barry Corcoran

Matt’s thoughts;

“Barry’s transformation was just unbelievable. As soon as he signed up with me he was 100% committed and dedicated to the plan, listened to everything I said and adherence was never an issue. We mapped out a plan for the 8 weeks and it was adjusted many times. Barry started a new job 3 weeks into his plan which meant his daily NEAT (non exercise activity thermogenisis) increased so we actually upped calories for 5 out of the 8 weeks! In plain English, he moved around a lot more every day which ment he was expending more energy every day which had to be accounted for. Even with starting a new job and working long hours Barry re-arranged his schedule to make sure he could still get to the gym 4 times a week and made time to prepare his meals. Very proud to have been part of this amazing transformation.” – December 2016

“Photoshoot Prep; We only had 8 weeks to prepare for the shoot but having worked with Barry before, I knew how quickly he was capable of transforming his body because we had previously worked together and achieved great results in a short period of time, so the main thing was to make sure he was adhering to the plan and staying consistent.

It wasn’t easy as there was obstacles along the way and Barry found it hard to get back into that diet mode for the first couple of weeks but when he got his mindset right, the progress started to happen again.

Although we had previously worked together, this didn’t mean we could just do the exact thing as last time and get the same results, his situation was different. His activity levels, stress and sleep were all different which meant we had to take a different approach.” June 2017

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