”When I first started with Matt I had no great knowledge of program development. Matt taught me the fundamentals of weight training and how to keep progressing with monthly programs adding smart principles and establishing goals to my training which is hugely beneficial!

He implements the correct adherence strategies and nutrition plans that fit for that client and helped me overcome barriers which got in my way of achieving my goals. My diet this year was similar to last years’ prep but training was different and something I realized this year was the importance of being active in everyday life and increasing my steps.

Nothing much needs to be said about Matt’s work ethic that people don’t know already. His dedication shows in his work and more importantly he practices what he preaches.

Looking forward to working with the coach again for next year’s shoot.”

– Barry Corcoran

Matt’s thoughts;

”Barry went into this year’s photoshoot prep determined to beat his condition from the year before. It’s safe to say he smashed it!

Getting into this type of shape takes a serious amount of commitment, dedication and adhering to a structured plan. Barry lost around 18 pounds over the 16 week prep and got into the best condition of his life.

There were tough weeks.

There were weeks with no weight loss.

There was a stall in progress that required Barry to stick with it & trust the process.

There were slip ups.

But he stayed committed, kept going and the end result speaks for itself.

Always a pleasure to coach! He also has three 6 packs so I’m sure he would be willing to sell two of them if the price was right ”

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