“Working with Matt has been a great experience for me.The knowledge i have picked up from him has been a great help to me going forward. It wasn’t all about losing weight and looking good for the photoshoot for me. I was hoping i could learn a lot from working with Matt as i have an interest in pursuing a career in the business. He has helped me so much and i cant believe the amount i have learned myself which is so beneficial to me going forward. Overall it has being a great experience to do this with him. His professionalism and how he runs his business blew me away and has giving me the drive to achieve. I wish him all the best in the future.”

– Brian Cooney

Matt’s thoughts;

“To be perfectly honest, this wasn’t even about the photoshoot, looking good or getting into really good shape for Brian. It was more about helping promote awareness for Mental health for him and just challenging himself to go way outside of his comfort zone.
He was a pleasure to work with, he committed himself 100% and was one of the most adherent clients I’ve ever had! He ended up getting into unbelievable shape. The pictures don’t actually do justice for how lean he was, if you seen him working out leading up to the shoot you know what I mean!!
He has come a long way over the last few years, completely turning his life around which I’m very proud of him for! Fitness and living a healthy lifestyle has played a big part in this for him. Brian had never been to a gym before joining the Fitness Factory when it opened in December 2015 and since then everybody down there has noticed such a big change in him both mentally and physically. He is shining example of what health and fitness can do for your life, no matter your circumstances or past, it can have a positive effect on you and improve your quality of life.
When it comes to moving out of your comfort zone, getting in front of a camera for a photoshoot was as far out of Brian’s comfort zone as you could go!! But he learnt a lot from the experience and i’m glad to have helped him along the way.”

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