”Second time around doing this photoshoot and working with Matt. I must admit I was not as strict with my diet as the previous year but each day I still managed to hit the targets Matt had set for me. Working with Matt on something like this is something I really enjoy doing.

His support, knowledge and overall experience of what he brings to doing something like this is great. This year’s prep I really enjoyed. My training was exciting and I couldn’t wait for each day in the gym with the methods Matt had brought to my training. Cardio for me this year was made fun by Matt’s methods and some of his methods I have continued to do and have really changed my life and my daily living.

Matt’s knowledge in this stuff and guidance throughout a process like this is truly professional. I never forget on the day how proud I was to call him family putting together the photoshoot. It was truly fantastic and I wish him every success in the future and look forward to the next venture with Matt.

Thanks so much for all your help and support.”

– Brian Cooney

Matt’s thoughts;

”Brian came on board again this year to take on his second photoshoot prep. Like many of the others, he found it more difficult this time. As I told them all going into it, every time you take on a dieting phase like this it’s going to be different;- Life situations and stressors
– Response from the body
– Habits and routinesAll these change over time and will be different each time you diet. These present new challenges and obstacles to overcome.
Although he found it tough, his dedication and commitment to the process was second to none. He took on board and implemented any adjustments we needed to make and it all paid off in the end!

What I found great was that this prep was such a different experience for Brian and he was able to take away a lot of different things from it both mentally and physically, from how his body reacts to new habits and routines that he will continue to use going forward.

Always a pleasure to coach!”

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