”I really enjoyed doing the programme both times around. I loved the feedback that I got with each check in – it was really motivating to hear how well I was doing even when I didn’t always feel it myself.

The individualized food and exercise programme that Matt set out for me was so easy to follow. I didn’t think I’d be eating so much each day and that I would still lose weight. I was even able to have a snack between meals and a treat each day too. The recipes and meal ideas provided by Matt and Eve were delicious and this really added variety to my diet which again made it easy to stay on plan.

The weekly Q&As and general content that Matt posted was so informative and I learned so much about exercise, food and nutrition from it. The bi-weekly check ins were so good to keep me in check and the detailed responses really spurred me on and gave me the motivation I needed right up to the end of the programme.The programme is not just based around losing weight, it’s a whole lifestyle change! I’ve learned so much since January from Matt, Katie and Eve and I’m really grateful to you all for helping me on this journey.

I’m so much happier in my own skin!! My long term goal now is to maintain this weight loss and keep up these positive lifestyle changes. I am going to commit to booking a few 10ks to ensure I stay running and training.”

– Catriona, Tipperary.

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