RESULTS ? ? ? All the way from Australia, client Christy has achieved these results by following a 12 week tailored online training & nutrition plan. When he came to me, he had no idea what was involved. He just wanted to get in better shape and knew that I had gotten results with people before. After assessing his lifestyle and eating habits, I created an individualised plan, that he could adhere to and would be manageable with his current schedule. We then used weekly online check-ins to monitor his progress, make any adjustments needed and to keep him accountable for his own success. He fully committed to the programme, had a great work ethic throughout, was always honest anytime he slipped up and more importantly, he always got back on track. Some of his own words were “I loved doing this programme. I know I had a few slip ups and sometimes I would be mad for a burger or something but you made it alot easier than I ever thought it would be.” – His strength and performance in the gym has improved massively. – Cardiovascular fitness has gone through the roof. – He has lost nearly 2 stone in bodyweight. – Bodyfat has dropped considerably. – Mindset and habits have changed. – New wardrobe is most likely needed? I’m really proud that I get to play a part in helping people reach their goals and achieve things that they never thought they were capable of. #motivationmonday #transformation #personaltrainer #results #progress #healthy #fatloss #mealplan #diet #lean #nutrition #cleaneating #training #gym #fitness #fitfam #irishfitfam #gymlife #macros #flexibledieting #weightloss #muscle

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I really enjoyed working with Matt on this program, not only did I get better results than I could have imaged but I learned so much about nutrition ,how my body works as well as becoming more conscious about how I treat my body . I found that my love of the Gym has continued now that I know what Exercises to do . I couldn’t recommend Matt enough and I am back working with him again now and looking forward the challenge.”

– Christy Richardson

Matt’s thoughts;

”Christy’s transformation completely blew me away. In just 12 weeks, he had a complete lifestyle change and was a pleasure to work with. Always honest with his check ins, whenever he went off track he never blamed anyone or anything, he just got on with it and got back on track. Even with being constantly moved around with his work, he managed to adjust each time and stayed making progress and never made any excuses. Absolutely delighted with his progress. ”