”Working with Matt has been fantastic! He has completely changed my approach to dieting and helped me to set up a realistic routine and plan!

My diet couldn’t have been any worse when I started with him so he had his work cut out for him! I view food and my diet in a different way now and have developed great habits.

Obviously I still have a long way to go and I’ll think I’ll always be a work in progress but Matt has created an amazing foundation for me to base my training and nutrition from.

Matt is very understanding and supportive, he will give you great advice and reassurance when you feel things are falling apart!

I look forward to continue working with him and trying to keep working on myself!”

– Ciara McKeogh

Matt’s thoughts;

”This started out as a lifestyle change but ended up turning into a photoshoot prep!
It’s been a real joy to coach Ciara over the few months and see her completely change her habits & lifestyle.

When Ciara first came to me, our first priority was to change her dietary habits and choices.

Once we put these foundations in place, we were able to move into more of a performance focused phase to help with camogie, with a big emphasis on optimizing recovery and improving food quality.

I then pushed her to get out if her comfort zone and take on the challenge of a photoshoot prep!

Which she nailed

She has just continued to improve since we started. Her knowledge of nutrition has improved greatly and she now sees this as a lifestyle, not a diet!”

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