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Which colour describes how things have been going for you?Green (you are progressing well)
Rate your sleepGood
Rate your stressGood
Rate your hunger & cravingsVery good
Rate your activity levels (steps & NEAT)Low (under 8k per day)
Rate your energy levelsVery good
Rate your digestionVery good
Rate your recoveryGood

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January 9, 2020View Details
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NameMatt Cooney
Which colour describes how things have been going for you?Red (moving in the wrong direction and you are stuck/need help)
What phase are you currently in?Losing
Rate your sleepAverage
Rate your stressAverage
Rate your hunger & cravingsAverage
Rate your activity levels (steps & NEAT)Average (8 -12k per day)
Rate your energy levelsAverage
Rate your digestionAverage
Rate your recoveryAverage
Accountability & Education

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Are you new to Future Fitness 56?I am new to Futurefitness 56 programme
Phone Number9148064188
Address159 brightwood av
Pearl River, NY
United States
Map It
Progress photo - frontProgress photo - front
Progress photo - backProgress photo - back
Height (cm)5 10”
About you: (Lifestyle, Occupation, Illnesses, Dietary Needs – NOT your goals)

Site Superintendent for construction company in nyc .
No illnesses.
Mildly active mostly walking used to do running used to play Gaelic football up to 2 years ago

Are you currently taking any medication or are there any illnesses/injuries that you think we should be aware of or might effect you while exercising?


How would you describe your daily energy levels? Is there anything that you have found either positively or negatively effects energy levels?

Sometimes very low and sometimes good

How many hours a day do you spend in a seated position?8.5
Do you drink alcohol? If yes how often and how much?

I drink about once a week about 8 -10 bottles

Do you smoke? If yes, how many a day?Occasionally
On a scale of 1-10 (1 = not active, 10 = very active), rate how active you are everyday?5
If tracked, how many steps do you do on average per day?4000
How many hours sleep do you get a night?8
Do you wake up more than once during the night?Yes
Do you struggle to fall asleep?No
On a scale of 1-10 (1 = not stressed, 10 = extremely stressed) rate how stressed you are on a daily basis?2
Are you under high stress from work related or personal stresses?


On a scale of 1-10 (1 = willing, 10 = not willing) how willing are you to change your habits?8
Have you ever gotten rid of a bad habit?


What does a typical day look like for you? e.g what time would you get up, what days/hours do you work/study, how you get there, hobbies/training, bed time?

Get up 5 30 am
9 hour work day driving/ construction
Home at 4pm
Dinner, kids school work
Bed @ 9pm

How do your weekends/days off differ from this? What do your weekends tend to look like?

Work Saturday
Sunday train kids football, walk 5k

Please list 3 goals in order of importance
  • Diet, tone , fitness
Please expand on your goals: (Quantifying your targets/expectations/timescale/previous experiences)


What challenges do you face?

Time to cook healthy meals; knowledge of cooking and recipes

In very simple, practical terms, what is it that you need to do to achieve your goals? i.e. what can we do for you?

Motivation and guidance

Which best describes your current level of fitnessAverage
Are you currently doing any exercise? If yes what type and how often?

Walking x2 weekly

Have you ever lifted weights?No
Have you ever tried any particular diets before?


Have you ever counted calories/tracked calories or food before?


How would you describe your current diet?


Dietary requirements?No
Are you current taking any supplements?


How many meals per day do you eat?gsurvey47b60ce90b
What foods do you like?

Meat, potatoes, vegetables, pasta, chips, , rice, chocolate, crisps

What foods do you dislike?


Fruits you like?


Fruits you dislike

Apples, berries

Vegetables you like?


Vegetables you dislike?


Meats/fish you like?

Lamb, beef, chicken, salmon, pork

Meats/fish you dislike?


Current water intake per day (litres)?2.5
How many cups of tea/coffee do you drink per day?3
Are you hungrier in the morning or the evening?gsurvey59c545da44
Do you suffer from bloating or gas?No
Are there any foods you tend to avoid or that don’t agree with you?


How many bowel movements per day?1/2
A typical day of eating and drinking for you at the moment:

Morning: weetabix or toast
Lunch: grilled chicken sandwich or soup
Snack: packet of crisps
Dinner: meat with veg and potatoes
Bedtime : tea with 2 bars of chocolate

FEMALES ONLY: Please detail information relating to menstrual cycle length, frequency or if you are postmenopausal:


Please give a brief description of yourself below and any further information required:


Progress PhotosPlease attach 3 before photos.
One from the front, one from the side and one from the back.
**Click on each one individually below to upload 3 separate photos.**


Calories / Macros

1 calories per day
1 grams protein
1 grams carbohydrates
1 grams fat

Calories are priority for fat loss/muscle gain.

Next up is having a high protein intake so these areas should be your main focus.

Carbs and fats can be adjusted to suit your preferences so you don't need to worry about these for the moment. If you have calories and protein intake covered, these will look after themselves.

If you are training hard and consistently, I do prefer carbs over fats for performance and recovery.

We will start off using a meal plan template as a guide and will move into tracking calories on myfitnesspal over time when you are in a good routine with everything to increase accuracy/adherence and allow for more flexibility.

12 Week Action Plan

In a really good position to continue improving!

4 week Goal :

Pivot towards muscle growth and push up calories incrementally starting

Start on 2600 and free meal to remove diet fatigue

100 kcal every 2 weeks until feb then start cut should be able to work up to well above 3000 cals

Weekly Focus

this is just a test

Updating progress tracker with start weight/pictures/measurements and getting into the habit of consistently monitoring progress.

Key Areas to Focus On

this is just a test

Limitations / Barriers

this is just a test

Nutrition Guidelines

- Variety of healthy fats e.g. nuts, seeds, avocado, nut butters, dark chocolate, dairy, eggs, red meat, salmon, olive oil.
- Limiting caffeine in the afternoon to improve sleep quality - having a caffeine cut off e.g. 2pm.


1 x Weight training sessions per week.
1 x cardio sessions per week
1 x rest days




Training Guidelines

Progressive overload focus – Aiming to increase weight/reps/improve form slowly over time to force the body to adapt and change.

Technique Focus – Think about what muscle is being targeted in each exercise.
Make sure you can feel that muscle working.
Use muscles to move the weight, not momentum.

Train hard, but smart.
Quality training over quantity.
**Can send over training videos for analysis or on the Form Friday post in the FB group**

Cardio & Step Targets

Cardio: 1

Steps: 1


Omega 3 fish oils - 600mg per day (as you don't eat a lot of oily fish).

Vitamin D3 - 2000IUs per day (as we don't get much sunlight exposure)

Creatine Monohydrate – 5g per day taken at anytime.