We have covered the most important things that we need to address when it comes to fat loss/building muscle.

– Calories – Am I eating in a calorie deficit/at maintenance/in a calorie surplus?
– Protein – Am I eating enough protein each day?
– Fruit and veg – Does my diet contain lots of fruit and veg?
– Water – Am I drinking enough water?
– Adherence – Can I see myself eating like this in 12 months time?
– Steps – Am I keeping active day to day?
– Sleep – Am I doing everything I can to ensure I am getting enough good quality sleep each night?
– Stress – Am I managing stress well?

Ask yourself the above questions and see what areas you are good at and what areas need some work.

Everyone will have a different answer.

Maybe you are drinking 3 litres of water per day, stress free, sleeping well, nailing your diet but not getting in enough steps each day. Put that as your main focus!! Set yourself a goal. Focus on one thing at a time!!

Remember, you don’t have to be perfect!! Just consistent!