Darren Delaney

Age: 29

Job: Shop Assistant

Sports: GAA Player

” Doing all the training but not seeing the results for it! Less is more.

The difference a structured training and nutrition plan can make! ” 

Darren was consistent with his training but wasn’t reaching his full potential or getting the most from it!

He had never followed a structured training or nutrition plan before.

A big reason that had been stopping Darren from signing up sooner was that he was a really fussy eater.

“I’m a very fussy eater and messaged Matt before I signed up asking him would I have to eat certain foods because if I had to, that would have being a deal breaker for me..I have spent the last 12 weeks eating all the foods I like..”

Here are a few things you might find interesting about these photos.

On the right, Darren is
– Eating more calories.
– Training less.
– Weight is not much different in both pics. (3lbs down I think)

How was this change possible?

We identified his weak links and we really knuckled down on them.

Sleep hygiene & routine.

Food quality & variety to fill gaps in the diet.

Improving stress management and allostatic load. (overall stress)

With a better functioning system and solid foundations, we were able to get more from less.

We were able to take on more food and utilize it effectively.

This sounds complicated.

Which it can be if you get into all the nitty gritty.

But what you have to actually do is quite simple.

Delighted to see how this first phase has went and we are now in a prime position to start adding some more muscle in this next phase!

“I could not get over how much detail and information that I received when getting the plan..

You don’t just sign up and get the plan and then don’t hear from Matt until week 12.

Matt is there at any stage of the 12 weeks to give advice and answer any questions.

I have learned plenty the last 3 months especially about the importance of fuelling the body and the power of rest and recovery.

I have made more progress doing 2 good gym sessions a week than I was doing 4/5!

I’m delighted with how the last 3 months have gone and the progress made all while eating more food than ever!

Could not recommend the lads highly enough.”