David Walsh

Age: 32

Job: Insurance Advisor

Father of 1

” Over 4 stone gone and a new lifestyle gained ” 

“Before starting with Matt I was weighing in at nearly 20 and a half stone (285.6 pounds).

It was the heaviest I had ever been, I had no energy or drive. I had just recently become a father and even the most simplest of things like playing with my son had me under pressure and out of breath.

I always listened to the voice in my head saying I could carry the weight as I was tall but it was just an excuse not to do something about it.

I was very nervous and apprehensive before starting this program as I didn’t feel comfortable shining a light on my biggest insecurity.

Thankfully last July I did sign up with Matt and it was the best decision I ever made in relation to my health and fitness.

I had all these false notions that to lose weight I needed to go on strict diets and eat nothing but salads.

I had tried diets like this before and would fail after a few days.

Matt didn’t give me a diet, he introduced me to a new lifestyle.

I was shown that I could still eat the same amount of food but just making smarter choices.

All little things that I barely noticed and were helping to make a huge difference.

I didn’t need a gym program, just daily exercise which involved up to 10000 steps a days.

The weight started to fall off me.

After the first month with Matt, I did a 3 day staycation which involved 3 course dinner, few drinks etc and implementing advice from Matt, I managed to come back from that holiday full, happy and down weight.

I am now back running 5km and 10km runs and smashing my previous personal bests.

My biggest win now is been able to stay consistent with my weight. I was 60 pounds down before Christmas I have held around that weight for past 2 months during a maintenance stage.

On writing this I have hit my lowest weight of 16 stone (224.6 pounds) weight loss of 61 pounds.

I couldn’t be happier or prouder of what I have achieved.
To anyone thinking of signing up to Matt to try and lose weight or just have a better lifestyle with food etc, I couldn’t recommend him more.

He is brilliant at what he does, he is a life coach, he helps in every way.

If you are having an off day during the week, he is there to help you back on track.

You are never put under pressure during this journey.

Hardest thing to do in my eyes was to take the chance and ask Matt for help but if you do ask, it will be the best thing you do.”