“I moved to Nenagh last year and had being a regular gym user for at least 2 years beforehand but never had a structured diet/workout plan.
I was told about Matt by a client of his and although I thought I’d never go down the road of a personal trainer I had a look online and had seen the unbelievable results Matt had done with clients and I knew I had to give it a go
I signed up for the 8 week fat loss programme and the results were great,it wasn’t just a 8 week programme,it was a life changing programme in a sense with getting to know the right foods to take and how to work hard in the gym but also to enjoy it.
Have had the odd setback but Matt would always get me back on track.

Best thing about Matt is that you can go to him with any problem concerning your diet or training and he will always help out.

Without doubt going to Matt was up thing with best decisions I’ve made!”

– Brendan Dunne

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Matt’s thoughts; 

“Brendan started with me back in January and got great results in 8 weeks. The even better result is that he’s still with me and we’ve been able to keep pushing on since this and make even more progress.

There’s been holidays, weeks away, periods of maintaining bodyweight and now we are pushing towards his wedding. The great thing with having clients for longer than just 1 or 2 months is you get to know them, what they enjoy, what works for them.

Before each new training block Brendan is always asking “What’s next, what’s the plan?” Eager to get into it. I get to use more advanced programming where we can build upon each training block and use phases/methods that keep it interesting for him but also are structured to keep progressing.

He has turned this from an 8 week fat loss diet into a lifestyle and now eating right and working out is just a way of life for him.”