???RESULTS??? Online client @richard_coughlan 12 week transformation. One of the most dedicated clients I’ve ever had, Richard lost around a stone while strength levels increased and fitness levels went up through a mixture of high intensity and low intensity cardio. He never missed a check in, never missed a workout, never missed a cardio session and rarely missed a meal. He asked lots of questions, listened, learned and followed to a tee and his results show it. He even got to eat a few pizzas along the way☺ Another cool thing with Richard’s transformation is his improvement in his posture. If you look at his first front photo you will see his palms facing the camera which is a sign of internally rotated shoulders. By placing an emphasis on back, rear delts and external rotation work by increasing volume to those areas his hands now are in a more neutral position naturally. (You can’t see his hands in the second pic but you can see the difference in his hand position in the back pics and the broadness in his shoulders and upper back!) This is one of those times where pictures just don’t do his progress justice! Because he was such a good client and followed the plan so meticulously I now know how his body works and we have already put together a nutrition and training protocol for him to follow to build muscle going forward. Pleasure to work with and a top lad. ? #mcfuturefitness #committedtoresults #comingsoon #fitness #fitfam #irishfitfam #motivationmonday #transformation #personaltrainer #results #progress #healthy #fatloss #strength #physique #mealplan #mealprep #macros #gym #coaching #iifym #flexibledieting #nutrition #cleaneating #training #bodybuilding #powerlifting #instafit #fitspo

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“Before starting my 12 week programme with Matt I had very little knowledge on nutrition or had a properly structured training plan in place, however that was soon to change. Didn’t think you could loose weight by eating coco pops after a workout ha ! Learned new exercises and techniques and reeked the benefits. Even with being injured when I started with Matt, the programme was adapted to suit my current situation and even living 200k away I was still able to get in touch with matt via email or Facebook, unbelievable communication 24/7.”

– Richard Coughlan

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Matt’s thoughts:

“Richard was an absolute pleasure to work with and his commitment to the plan was top notch! Always asking questions and learning more about his body each week. Great work Richard!”