“I went to get a program off Matt after my ACL surgery to complement my rehab! Best thing about the programme was that everything was so specific for my needs, from the diet to the gym programme! Couldn’t be happier and would reccommend him 100%.”

– Shane Hennessy

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Matt’s thoughts; 

“One of things I love about coaching clients is that everyone is different which requires a different approach for each person.
Shane had good eating and training habits when he came to me so it was my job to align them with his goals and guide him in the right direction with his training and diet to optimize his results. He actually ate more and trained a little less than he was doing before he came to me. We had more of a focus on recovery and avoiding overtraining. As a result his strength went up and I actually think he has gained some muscle mass while dropping bodyfat. Proud coach. Happy client.”