”When I started this programme I had no idea that this could have been accomplished in 8 weeks. I still have not sat back to appreciate what has been achieved here! I just want to stay moving forward, that’s the beauty of my new mindset.

But as I write this looking back 8 weeks ago, I was full of anxiety which I actually thought was pretty normal. Now I feel blessed that my anxiety/irrational thinking has literally disappeared.

All because this programme gave me the tools to create a better mindset through a balanced/healthy diet and regular gym routine that suited me perfectly.

Throughout this last 8 weeks I have also managed to successfully quit binge drinking and smoking. I now read, meditate, do yoga on a more consistent basis due to the fact I am not spending half of my week hungover and irritable towards people.

Starting this programme was the best decision I have ever made in my life and I now feel like I have the tools and knowledge to live a long, healthy and most importantly happy life.

I will be forever grateful to the crew at MCFuturefitness.”

– Shane O’Connell, Tipperary.

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