“My journey started with the 6 week Transformation program run by Matt in January 2017. I live a busy life with my career and family and had given birth to my third child in September 2016. I needed something structured to get me physically fit and also to motivate me mentally. I made the perfect choice with the transformation program.
While I played competitive sport I had little gym experience. I liked the idea of the small group plus the benefits of a one to one training. Matt and Tommy were so professional and went over and above to support our group. I was part of a great group of people who participated.
I enjoyed the entire program, I felt great as the program progressed, both physically and mentally, I have a high energy and feel so positive.
After the 6 weeks I decided to continue to train under Matt’s guidance. His ability to motivate, his patience, his knowledge and his ability to educate about fitness and nutrition and the benefits is second to none. I highly recommend Matt . Go and get started, I can guarantee you will enjoy it .”

– Sheena Howard

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Matt’s thoughts;

“Sheena started training with me on the 6 week transformation program in January and has been with me ever since.

The program was the perfect kick start for her to get her back into the habit of eating healthy and exercising regularly.

Roll forward 5 months and we had lost just about 2 stone along with getting stronger in the gym and a really big improvement in her movement. Sheena had played competitive Camogie for years and built up a fair share of injuries along the way. Since she has started lifting CORRECTLY and consistently we have seen an increase in her strength and movement combined with less joint pain, lower back pain and has been injury free.

To me, what’s more impressive about her transformation is the fact that not only did she lose all the weight, she’s been able to keep it off and has easily maintained her weight for the last 3 months over the summer. Any mother will tell you how busy the summer months are when you have 3 kids to keep entertained.

Over the last 3 months;
– Stopped using a weighing scales
– Stopped measuring foods
– Went on holidays
– Goes away with the kids regularly
– Has had nights out
– Has been eating out regularly
– Went down to 2-3 days per week in the gym from 3-4.

Despite doing all this she hasn’t put back on any weight. This is a sign of using good habits that she has learnt over the previous months. By using a few key habits that we developed, she has been able to easily maintain her weight.”