“Hands down the best decision of my life, I had extremely poor posture and after 12 weeks with Matt, he had me in the best shape of my life, pain free. If I had been more focused on my diet as I had many weddings and parties over the 12 weeks I reckon my physique would have been even better. At the end of the day Matt is excellent in guiding you with nutrition and his knowledge of training is fantastic. As I said best decision of my life and i’d do another 12 weeks in a heartbeat but next time i’d be more disciplined on my diet.”

– Tommy Martin

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Matt’s thought’s;

“Tommy is one of the nicest, most genuine lads you will ever meet. He came to me wanting a lifestyle change, for the last 2 years he had been frustrated by picking up injuries constantly that was keeping him from playing football regularly. We really put a huge focus on trying to improve Tommy’s posture (upper cross syndrome) and working to get him to a full range of motion in exercises pain free. He must have had nightmares from me saying the words chest up, shoulders back, head down so often! After 12 weeks his posture had improved dramatically, his range of motion improved, he felt a second quicker accelerating and he was feeling pain free. Along with improving his eating habits we set up a great foundation for him to continue on improving. Upon finishing with me Tommy decided to complete a year long fitness instructor course to further his education in the fitness industry. Massive well done.”