” Before I started with Matt I didn’t understand the concept of nutrition and it’s importance for both lifestyle and training.
I barely knew what protein fats and carbs were.
He opened my mind to a new lifestyle which I am so grateful for.
When Matt gave me a nutrition and gym program I found a new passion. It became a slight obsession..but sure you could be addicted to worse

Not only is Matt a brilliant coach, he would make a great councilor too, I drove him mad being negative but any issues I had, he equally had a solution. His ability to reassure and direct me at all times was outstanding.

Numerous people have asked me about Matt and his program as they have seen the fantastic results he has gotten. I have never met someone who takes their job so serious, someone who is so approachable and willing to help.

Sure, he’s great really”

– Edwina King

Matt’s thoughts;

“Ed has been a client of mine for over a year now and although she doesn’t see it herself ? I’ve seen huge improvements in her eating habits and knowledge of nutrition. She now is in a consistent routine of eating healthy and working out and is making it a lifestyle, seeing the benefits both inside and outside of the gym as she just finished her physiotherapy degree which can be stressful at the best of times. She happens to be pretty strong too!”

“Just to give you an idea of how far she’s come over the last year;
A year ago she didn’t know what protein was.
Now she can count macro’s easily.
A year ago her nutrition was very inconsistent.
This year she was consistent enough to diet for 18 weeks for a photoshoot while in her final year of Physiotherapy!

She couldn’t do a single pull up a year ago.
She’s done a set of 9 wide grip pullups.
(Any female knows how impressive that is)

She was Deadlifting 40kg a year ago.
She’s Deadlifted 100kgs now.
Very proud of all the progress she has made. Ed is her own worst critic, but she’s consistent and like I tell all my clients you don’t have to be perfect but you have to be consistent. Consistency beats perfection. ”

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