”I approached Matt last November regarding Nutrition and Strength & Conditioning as I felt I needed to change up things to help me to perform. This has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

After working with Matt for my indoor season, I asked him if it was possible to take part in the photoshoot while also continuing to perform over the 200m and 400m. So for 12 weeks we focused on performing while in a Calorie deficit and it proved to work out extremely well as in that time I ran 3 Personal Bests, 57.29 and then 57.21 in the 400m and then 25.48 in the 200m. One of these times was run 1 week before the photoshoot. Participating in the photoshoot has allowed me to get into the best shape I have ever been in; it has allowed me to step out of comfort zone and challenge myself. Matt was always there to reassure me, if there was any self-doubt and he has encouraged me the whole way through the process

Working with Matt has been fantastic, my diet and training has improved loads. Matt is very understands and has excellent knowledge in this area. I’m looking forward to continue working with Matt over the rest of the season and in the future. I would recommend Matt to anyone looking to improve their training, lifestyle and diet. I am very grateful and appreciate all his help, support and encouragement.”

– Eimear Lynch

Matt’s thoughts;

”I’m delighted with the progress Eimear has made since starting with me last year.

Eimear is a high level athlete who came to me with the goal of improving her performance for the upcoming season.

We were able to tailor her nutrition around her competitions using a cyclic approach and using different phases with different focuses;

Improving body composition.

Optimizing sleep & recovery.

Couple of short fat loss phases.

The end result has seen Eimear smash 3 PB’s for the first time in 3 years all while getting in the best shape of her life and completing a photoshoot!

She’s always been a dedicated and hard working athlete. My goal was to take that and steer it in the right direction to optimize her results!”

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