‘‘I absolutely loved the programme. I didn’t even feel like I was on a diet! I’m so muc healthier both physically and mentally and it’s been such a good experience learning about calories/macros and their importance in reaching my goals.

I have so much more energy, sleep is so good, my mood is the best it’s been in a long time and I couldn’t have achieved these without Matt and the team motivating me to push harder each day to reach my goals.

I would really recommend this programme to absolutely anyone of any age, lifestyle level of experience!

For someone who has always struggled with body image, I’ve never felt so confident as I do now after completing this programme. It has given me the motivation and little kick start I needed to gett back on track with my diet and training!

For someone who would have never walked into a gym on my own 8 weeks ago, this programme has really given me the confidence I needed to overcome fears and I absolutely love my training now, even using it as a stress relief which is a win win situation.

I have no regrets or bad comments to make about this programme whatsoever, it has been the best thing I have ever done – the only regret I have is not signing up to it sooner!

My mindset is so good at the moment and I am determined and motivated to use the knowledge I’ve gained from this programme in going forward and getting even more physically and mentally healthier!

Thank you all so much for everything.’’

– Emma Shelly, Kilkenny.

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