”Matt’s knowledge of all things health and fitness related is second to none. He tailors his plans to suit each client’s specific needs making it so easy to follow and adhere to.

It’s not just his knowledge of health and fitness that puts him a cut above the rest, it’s how he teaches his clients to live an all round healthier, balanced life.

If it wasn’t for him there isn’t a chance I would have done the shoot. He was always there to offer support and to guide me in the right direction or give me the push I needed to stay going. In my opinion he is the best in the business and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.”

– Evanna McGrath

Matt’s thoughts;

”Photoshoot……………………………..comfort zone.

Doing a photoshoot for Evanna was probably one of the furthest things out of her comfort zone that she could possibly do!

I’m really proud to have been able to push her to do it and she smashed it out of the park! It was a long and tough prep but she stayed committed and did everything I asked!

Evanna is one of my longest-running clients. She’s been in Oz for a year and travelled South America during this time as well so we’ve gone through many times where training & diet haven’t been top priority!!

What’s been great here is that she’s been able to use good habits, routines and accountability from me to be able to maintain her weight and shape during these times!”

It’s always great to work with such dedicated and committed people like Evanna, she makes my job very easy

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