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  1. Hi Matt
    I’m in the current FF56 program and have done well following the 6 week fat loss. I’d like to keep getting smaller measurements and more importantly feeling better, less bloated and more confident in myself. I’m in much better humor and between the two programs I’m down 16lbs. Hit me with the next one.

    • I want to do this programme as I have done the FF56 programme for the last few months and after years of struggling with yo yo diets this is the only thing that has worked long term for me as I can still eat the food I love but just in a more controlled manner. The support from the coaches on the programme is so helpful to keep up motivation and to give advice.

    • Hi Matt

      I would love to win this fab prize, I’m in the current FF56 group and have really enjoyed my transformation so far, I’m already down 14lbs since we started back in January so making steady progress towards the long term goal I set myself, I have adopted done really good habits around food, training and also stress management I’m feeling really good in myself and would love to keep it all going with your help, the accountability part is a big one for me.

    • Hi Matt.
      I would love for a chance to get on this programme as I have tried so many other ways of losing weight and it never works long term. I believe this will work long term for me. It would benefit me in so many ways.

    • Hi Matt
      This would be the incentive for another push for the next level. I’ve been making progress since the last FF56, but more recently have noticed I’m not going to the gym enough and sweet things creeping back in. Time for action 😁

    • Nurse, who has spent the last 2 years looking after other people and have completely neglected myself, I’m the heaviest I’ve been since I was a teenager when I struggled with my weight when I used to diet to keep the weight down. I haven’t been running or exercising the way I used to but I’ve been getting back into running lately and because I spend all day at work standing on my legs as it is, and with my weight being high, I feel I’m putting a lot of pressure on my joints so I want to look at a more sustainable way of being healthy, loosing weight, toning up/gaining muscle and just being able to eat good healthy foods without thinking it’s going to go straight on my body as far. I just went to feel good in my own body again. I have seen the results of people you have helped achieve their goals and I know you can help me too which is why I would love to join the FF56.

    • Hi Matt
      I’m in my mid fifties now and the weight will not shift.
      I would love to get back to a eating with a healthier food plan and looking after my body to get it back how it used to be and to feel more confident and feeling better not tired all the time. It would be great to be like the above again and also a miracle. Kenneth

      • Hi,
        I have hypothyroidism and no matter what I try nothing happens. So deflated and depressed about my weight to be honest, it’s hard trying the whole time and getting disappointing results. This programme might be a life changer for me.
        I know I can lose weight as 10 years ago I lost 33lbs in 12 weeks and kept it off until I developed hypothyroidism after having my 1st baby.
        Enough boo hoo from me.🤣.

  2. I’d love to win this prize. I’ve done the last 56 and love it… I lost over a stone…. So so happy. Gonna do it again anyway, but this would be a bonus to win.

  3. I would love to win as im doing the January 56 and only now getting into this I can see the changes and hope to keep this lifestyle up . Winning would be another 8 weeks on track for me.

  4. Fad diets, slimming world, shake diets you name it I have tried and failed! But I know I can do it with better supports and the right mind set and I feel I’m more than ready! My goal would be to lose weight, get fit but more importantly give myself the chance to succeed at it all. Can wait to start the 56.

    • Hi Matt.
      I want a place in the FF56 because I need the accountability! I know what workouts to do and what to eat but the motivation and mindset to consistently do it is the problem. 8 weeks will help build the habit and set me up for a fitter lifestyle

    • Hi I’m Antoinette For the past 6 years since the birth of my second child. I have struggled with my weight it has kept creeping up no matter I have tried and the money I have wasted. In the last 2 to 3 years it has been really bothering me mentally and in my every day life. I took away all the mirrors in my house, only kept a small one so I can see my face to do make up. I don’t get dressed up any more, I HATE how I look in my clothes. Having a occasion is a nightmare for me, I’d rather be in bed for the day. Don’t think my confidence could be any lower so please please help me.

  5. I’d love to win this prize it would be the extra motivation to my future fitness and hopefully weight loss. If I did win I’d be able to continue with another session and really adapt the advice and knowledge provided into a real lifestyle change.

    • I’d love to win this prize to get me back on track with my fitness and training. I’ve really struggled for the last year like so many more and the bad habits have crept back into my life.

  6. Hi Matt. Gearing up for this for the past few weeks. 9 months on from having my wonderful baby I have decided it’s time to end the fads, (and yes I’ve tried time all) and really change our household lifestyle, I will have a toddler running around in no time and I need to make some changes for us all for a long healthy happy life together and need your help and guidance.

  7. Since the beginning of lockdown and having been redeployed back to intensive care twice (I’m a nurse)
    I have really struggled to get my mojo back and have fallen out of love with exercise
    I would love to win this prize to help me get my mojo back and fall back into love with exercise and healthy living

    • I’d love to win a place on Mcfuturefitness 56, having completed the last 2 programmes, not only am I leaner, fitter and stronger, I’m also seeing a big difference in my overall health and wellbeing, I’d love another 8 weeks of guidance, support and accountability to progress even further and achieve the best results possible.

  8. Hi guys ,
    I’ve been part of the ff56 before and loved every minute of it , I took a break to organise my family life and I think now is the time to come back and do this for myself . A little bit of self care ❤ and mental well being for myself is definitely needed.

  9. Hi Matt. I would love to win this generous prize to restore confidence back in myself. I’ve recently had a baby and my motivation to keep up eating habits and exercise has proven very difficult. I have tried so many other programmes before that haven’t benefited me in the way I feel Future Fitness 56 will. I have heard nothing but great things from anyone doing your programmes and would be delighted to join the team.

    • Hi Matt,
      I just turned 40 this month and have decided to work on me. I gave up cigarettes 7 months ago and now its time to concentrate on eating well and excercise. I just want to feel good and be healthy. I’ve always been overweight and it’s never stopped me living life, but this is not about the belly it’s about being healthy . Just need some help on where to start.

  10. Hi Matt,

    I’d love to win this because I want to change my lifestyle not just the number on the scales. I have a really busy life and I want to be able to have more energy and feel strong and healthy. I’ve seen so many people get amazing results from the FF56 and I want to be next!

  11. Hi Matt,
    Winning this prize would help me focus on my own goals as opposed to other peoples. I’m great at helping people achieve their goals but not so good at prioritising my own needs. I’ve wanted to lose weight and improve my health for so long but always let these wishes slip down the priority list. A prize is a thing you reward some with, maybe I need someone to tell me I’m worth the prize!

    • Hi matt
      I would love to be part of your programme for many reasons ♥ I am a busy mum of 3 who loves fitness and nutrition however my approach to it is all wrong I train 7 times a week can’t remember the last time I had a rest day and my education with regards nutrition is ridiculously bad, I am not over weight I’m fit but my approach is all wrong and the guilt I have with regards food and not training every day is mind boggling ???? I have tried every diet and still hate my body ???????? i would love your help x

  12. Im finishing up my first FF56 this week and feeling more motivated than ever. Now that Ive lost nearly 3kg, I’d love to focus on building muscle. I really enjoy the flexibility in food and loving the weight training program. Not ready to stop just yet!

    • Hi Matt, I would love to win a place on your programme because I have an 11 week old and I’m getting married in October so really want to get in shape. Even more than the wedding I want to get educated about macro/micros and make this a lifestyle change. I believe I have a good diet but my portion sizes are too big. I’d love for you to be my educator!!!!

    • well matt I hope that I’ve made the right desicion, my gutt thinks I have anyways, Im a father of two under two and I want to be healthy for myself and my family . when it comes to food I’m weak , where it be at home or work , I find it hard to say no to junk food. This is my chance to get the right help.

  13. Hi matt, id love to win this prize, the past few years i lost weight, gained it again, lost my gallbladder due to yoyo dieting and now after 3 small kids i am ready to go to loose the weight, i am motivated, im trying myself but need someone else to guide me and give me the confidence that i can do and do it the proper way, a lifestyle change..

  14. The first time I did the programme I lost a lot of weight. This time I’m learning so much about what works for me. The next time I’d like to keep learning so that the routines and habits I’m creating help me to maintain the body and lifestyle I want.

  15. Hi Matt, I want to do this programme because i am currently in my second last week of of my first FF56 programme and I have learned so much and enjoyed every moment of it . I know I have so much more to achieve and I can reach goals with a second shot at FF56 that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to otherwise !

  16. Morning Matt
    This would be a fantastic prize to will, would love it, as I do shift work and start some morning at 6am and then evening finish at 12midnight, I’m doing a bit but really need to learn about proper food portions, I’m 51 and heading to that time in my life ( menopause) where trying to loose weight is nearly next to impossible. I think this FF56 is the ideal programme for me.

    • Hi my name is Joanne 45 now have 3 kids and 2 section and I can’t seem to sort out the loose belly fat even did the protein shake and when I came off that I gained the highest weight I ever was so I would put my heart and soul into new challenges you would give thanks Joanne

  17. Lost job and actually scared myself! Weight shot up! I just want be healthy, to feel good and have a map, because I’m lost. I’ve tried diets, but I get overwhelmed! I’m eager to learn good habits with FF56. Feeling incredibly self-conscious in new job zooms. Just need help. Thanks!

  18. I’d love to win a place as I would only wish I could get my body confidence back. Used to love what I see in the mirror but since lockdowns and work, I would rather just wear baggy jumpers.

  19. I’d like to win because I want to improve my health and lifestyle. I have a hectic life and I want to be able to have more energy for myself and my kids and live a healthier , happier life.

  20. Hey Matt, I’ve had a big weight loss over the last 2 years and I’d love to win as I need to learn how to maintain my weight with a healthy lifestyle. My nutrition isn’t great so I also need the recipes ???? ready to make my mind and body stronger!

  21. Hi Matt, I would love this prize. I had been doing well up until last year and bit by bit bad habits are creeping back in. I keep making excuses not to start doing the right thing again. I ned to find my motivation and willpower again.

  22. Im fairly fit and eat reasonably healthy but no matter what i do i dont see the results i want. I want to get more fat loss than weight loss and feel this program would teach me this.

  23. Hi Matt,

    Like everyone else, I would like to improve my lifestyle. I am reasonably fit and very active with a teenage family but I seem to be struggling with my weight all the time. I am currently a stone overweight and nothing seems to work. I am hitting 50 this year and would really love to feel good about my self. I have seen your results on people and F56 seems to work. This is a fantastic prize and there seems to be nothing like it here in Cork.
    Would love to look and feel well again.

    Looking forward to hearing from you

  24. Hi Matt,

    Like everyone else, I would like to improve my lifestyle. I am reasonably fit and very active with a teenage family but I seem to be struggling with my weight all the time. I am currently a stone overweight and nothing seems to work. I am hitting 50 this year and would really love to feel good about my self. I have seen your results on people and F56 seems to work. This is a fantastic prize and there seems to be nothing like it here in Cork.
    Would love to look and feel well again.

    thanking you
    Looking forward to hearing from you

    • Hi matt
      Really struggling and yoyo dieting. Walking loads and have lost no weight in ages . Really down in the dumps about it. Ive heard great things about the programme and just need to get going now ????

  25. Hi matt,
    I struggle with my weight all my life and did very well in earlier years but since turning 50 it seems to have gone completely out of control ???? I’ve been weight training for the last few years and really enjoy it, but something is not working and im just getting nowhere ????????

  26. Hi Matt,
    The honest answer is i need help im really struggling to do this on my own. Im a couple of stone more than i should be and im borderline diabetic. I had covid before xmas and all I’ve been doing is comfort eating since..
    Im really looking forward to starting this with you .
    Many thanks.

  27. I would love to win the FF56 plan as I am finally motivated to do something about my fitness but don’t know where to start. Over the years I have joined every weight-loss group available and to no avail. This combined with struggles with my mental health nd a gain of 3st in the last year, have lead to a bad relationship with my body. Now that my mental health is in the right track it is about time that I give my body the attention it deserves and FF56 would be perfect to do that

  28. Hi matt
    Would love to win this program as I have been struggling for last 2 year to loose weight and its just not shifting I excersise almost everyday track and write down everything I eat but I still can’t seem to shift weight or loose inches ????

    • Hi Matt would love to win this as hitting a big mile stone of 40 in March and want to be as healthy and fit as possible

  29. I would love to win this, I need help setting goals and smashing them. I want to feel better, to look better and to have the energy and confidence to run around after my kids and live my life to the full!

  30. Hi Matt,

    Following on from a 12 week weight loss plan last August and a recent maintenance phase I am ready for a new challenge. FF56 will give me an opportunity to build on the previous knowledge, habits and education that I have built up with you. I look forward to pushing myself for 8 weeks and getting accountability back into my nutrition and exercise.

  31. Its be really nice to win something, as im not that person who wins anything, ans since gyms are closed im strugling with my weight, it be nice someone to lead right way.

  32. Hi Matt
    I’d love to join your programme to get in to better shape. I struggle to do it alone!
    I’ve regularly followed your fb posts for years watching how you help so many and what amazing results you & your clients have achieved
    I’ve wanted to get back in shape for so long. I do give it a good push when exercising but every now and again. I lack consistency & some days motivation!
    I will guarantee to follow your guidance 110% and put equally the same in to my training and nutrition. I will be a great team member ????????????️‍♀️ ????

    • Hi Matt, i would love a chance to be entered into the comp. I’ve tried so so many different approaches and nothing works for the long run. It would be amazing to finally be on a plan that allows me to make it a lifestyle change rather than a temporary solution and to educated on what works. ????????????

  33. Would love to win this program. Struggling to get motivated while in lockdown and looking to get back on track and being accountable. Read great reviews about this plan ????????

  34. Hi Matt,
    I am currently doing the Future 56 programme and cannot believe how much knowledge I have gained over the last 8 weeks. It is such a positive, motivating programme and I would love to do it again and get in shape for summer ????????????????

  35. Hi Matt,
    I am currently doing the Future 56 programme and cannot believe how much knowledge I have gained. I’m excited to start another 8 weeks. It’s been so easy to adapt the changes in eating with the guidance of you and your team. The feedback after check ins have been motivating and uplifting

  36. I’d love to get on the programme as I have always been interested in getting fitter and I want to get more confident and learn to love my body! Really hoping this works for me

  37. I did the Future 56 in September and achieved very good results. I was doing really well until the last few weeks. I have slipped into old habits and have gained a little weight. I live alone and am really feeling this lockdown. I feel like I need the support of your programme to get back on track. I convinced myself after completing the programme the last time that I could easily maintain or lose weight alone by using My fitnesspal and calorie counting etc. However, I just don’t have the discipline and really don’t want to get back to feeling like I did prior to doing the programme last September. I would love to win this prize to start feeling good about myself again.

  38. I would love to win this, I believe it’s what I need to get my confidence back in how I look & feel. I have put on a lot of unwanted lbs as the years have passed. The regular gym workout just does not motivate me, I’m hoping this will and if I do it I hope it will motivate my family & friends also.

  39. Like you I have tried everything in the book and I still haven’t found something that works for me. I feel like with the help and guidance from your team I will succeed. Seeing the progress photos make me feel like I can also do what those people have done with the right tools.

  40. Hi Matt,

    I would love to win to be able to give this programme a go. I have been up and down on the scales for a long as I can remember. I also have the added complication of having Type One Diabetes. I want to get back on track with fitness and exercise and discover a sustainable approach to weight loss and eating.

  41. Hey Matt, I want to win this prize because I want another shot of getting my body back! I completed the January 2019 program and loved every bit, got great results and built good habits. Almost immediately after finishing, I sustained a nasty back injury, spent six months in physio and gained some weight back. In the meantime I have changed my career, bought a house, and continued building and working on my fitness but I just can’t seem to get the momentum I had before. Please pick me, I won’t let you down!!!

  42. HI Matt, I would love to win the prize and finally learn to manage my food correctly and fuel to exercise. The results from your plans seem to be amazing. Here is hoping for a better year ahead.

  43. Hi Matt,
    I would love to tone up. Being trying to withdifferent exercises and diets for years. I would love to have more confidence in my body and esp tone my tummy ???? Never been toned after two kids. Can’t wait to get started ????

  44. Hi Matt . I would love to win this programme as I’ve tried every diet going . I have been going to the gym for over 20 years has this is the first time that I’ve found that I can’t shift the weight . I’m training 5 days per week this past 7 mths . Although my body has changed a bit I just can’t seem to move on the scales (I was 15 kg lighter 4 years ago ) Im literally just so Pissed off over my weight it’s a constant battle the past 2 years . It’s destroyed my confidence , I don’t want to go out anymore , I hate the thought of putting on clothes . I live in fitness gear to try and hide my body . I promise to put in 100 percent if I win . Thankyou

  45. I am resigning from my job in August after 30 years! Before entering this new life phase I want to achieve a healthy balance between eating, exercising, drinking and general lifestyle . FF56 will help me achieve this while still fully enjoying the joy of good food and wine!!

  46. I am stuck in a rut at 42. Worked my butt off on JW 90 day plan – nothing. I work out minimum 4 days a week, walk 5 miles 3/4 times a week and generally eat well. Why is nothing happening?? HELP ME!!

  47. I’ve spent the last 6 years thinking I was waiting for a man to come into my life and then there would be a reason to lose weight and look good. With the pandemic and lockdown this season it hit me that there was a reason and a person to lose weight and feel good for… me. I spent the first lockdown on furlough running, from 0-9miles, weekly workouts and plans. I started to lose the weight and feel good. But now I’m back at work I’m struggling with routine. I’m tired, hungry, have less time. I don’t know how to maximise the little time after work I do have and although my diet has become better, the stress and exhaustion of work is making me reach for the sweet stuff a little more. I would love the coaching, and help to find something doable and consistent to keep up the motivation and progression of feeling good when I look in a mirror. Never though it was possible but I’m start to see hope!

    • Matt, I would love to get the opportunity to work with you! I really would like to challenge myself to make some lasting changes and to work hard to change my body composition, bring it on! Yvonne

  48. Hi Matt! I would love to win this amazing prize! My goal is to lose some weight, become stronger, and feel healthier overall. I work shift work and I often struggle to be consistent (making good food choices and working out). I’m relatively new to Future Fitness 56 and I find your content very interesting and educational. I would love an opportunity to work with you to help me reach my goals!

  49. I’ve never been confident with my weight. I’ve completed one Future Fitness Programme and just expected my weight to go straight back up when I finished but it didn’t. I can’t wait to get started again as I’m getting married in December and my dress is Fiitttteeed 😂 On that note, without Future Fitness I never would’ve even went for a fitted dress. So that alone is a massive win. Can’t wait to get started again! 😊

  50. I would love to win a place on the programme. I have done yo yo diets for years and have tried lots of different diets which resulted In quick results but I gained it all again. I completely lack motivation this is not a diet it’s a change in lifestyle and I think that is what I need. I have seen others complete the programme and they look fab.

  51. I would like to do the programme as I have the basics, but going between phases (dieting, maintenance) is what I need guidance with. I feel like this is where alot of people people struggle. I also would love to have someone to be accountable to.

  52. well matt I hope that I’ve made the right desicion, my gutt thinks I have anyways, Im a father of two under two and I want to be healthy for myself and my family . when it comes to food I’m weak , where it be at home or work , I find it hard to say no to junk food. This is my chance to get the right help.

  53. I would like a place in this programme as now it the right time to get serious about adapting a healthier lifestyle. I’ve half heartedly tried many times to be a better version of myself but always found a reason to slip back into bad habits. I would love to be part of a group of people who all have the same aim and will be there to encourage and motivate along the way

    • Hi Matt,
      I have done this programme before with some amazing results. I could give you the usual excuses but bottom line is I need a kick up the backside and get myself back to where I was before lockdown. No excuses but determination. This programme has worked for me before and I’m ready for it again with your guidance.
      Regardless I am looking forward to the programme opening up again and working with you and the team 👍

  54. Hi Matt

    This will be my 3rd MCfuture fitness program, I absolutely loved the first two, and took a break , I maintained my weight for about 2 months, but not as healthy as I would have liked, slowly the old habits are creeping back in, and the weight is going upwards a lot quicker this time around, I missed been apart of a something that is positive, and as many a time I felt like throwing the towel in, I didn’t, I do have a vision of what I would like my body to progress to, Just been accountable every two weeks for checkins is probably the part I missed the most, unknown to myself it was a huge motivator.💪

    • Matt im a 49 year old man weighing 20st and a binge eater ,im going the gym years but have seen no real results, im fed up eating crap and and have had to up my cholesterol meds recently so i really need all the help i can get

  55. I couldn’t do the last program due to personal reasons but I’m in the right mind frame and ready for action and feel this program will only be the start Of better things to come and the hope of giving me the confidence to do the fitness photoshoot next year

  56. I’d love to win this as I’m getting married shorthly and want to look my absolute best. I’ve been so down about my weight the past two years and avoid social gatherings etc over it, I would love to have the confidence again to put on a nice dress and go out. I don’t feel good in myself and want to get that feeling back again.

  57. Hi, I’ve really lost my way the last 4 mts. I really need to get fitter, healthier and eat more nutritional meals and snacks. I’m 5ft 1ins and really overweight for my height.

  58. Hi Matt, I want to do ff56 because I’m going to be 50 next March, and I’m determined to be the fittest and healthiest version of myself heading into my 50’s. I’ve raised my 3 kids and now feel it’s right to dedicate some time to myself. I work long hours in my job as a prison officer and so find it difficult to maintain a fitness regime, and a healthy diet without the knowledge required to do so. I want to be able to look in a mirror next March and know that I’ve achieved something I’ve been unable to do alone for quite a few years, I want to do this for me🙂

  59. I would love to the program because I January I did the future56 and learned so much lost a good bit of weight but have loads more to lose ,its the only plan that works as its not a plan as such but a lifestyle change.

  60. I NEED to be on this program to improve my health. The pressure on my joints is causing dreadful pain and sleep deprivation. The extra weight is causing my asthma to be really bad. I feel I need the help before it’s too late and my health deteriorates and i don’t know where to start

  61. Hi Matt,

    The main reason I would love to do this programme is actually for my daughter I would like to further expand my knowledge regarding food and exercise as I don’t want her to grow up look at me weighing my food, and being in a constant cycle of bingeing and eating healthy. So that she has a healthy relationship with food and exercise.


  62. Heya!👋
    What draws me to this course is mcfuturefitness’ positive approach to weight loss/fitness, the whole idea of embedding self-compassion in the process.It seems to be about building confidence and knowledge of healthy eating without associating shame in any setbacks.
    -Consistency is my downfall😆 My motivation can be very high for the 1st 2-3 weeks training, but I need to plough on.
    -Nutrition.Chocolate is my passion haha🤣🙈Would be unreal to build my knowledge of nutrition to stay health in long term.
    Thanks a million!

  63. Hi Matt,

    I would like to join your programme for one very simple reason – support. I have no doubt that if I was to be put on a desert island(or somewhere a bit cooler) for 3 months where the only thing I had to do was train and eat right I’d lose so much, it would be so easy. But life isn’t compartmentalised like that and in this fast paced world I find it very difficult to do this fitness / weight loss journey on my own. I need your support, experience and knowledge. Checking in and making goals is exactly what I need. I need your support until and probably even after I gain the knowledge and confidence to support myself. I am looking forward to starting this journey in September.

  64. I would LOVE to win this prize. My 30th is in three months & I’m getting married next year. That aside, I want to feel good about myself again. My confidence has dipped over the past two years as weight crept up. I miss the girl I used to be.

  65. For Me.. It’s not a question of ‘why’ but more so a case of ‘Who’ .. I’m a firm believer that We don’t meet people by accident and they are meant to cross our path for a reason. In my Journey of rediscovery the ‘Why’ will become more apparent as its intended, I just need your guidance & assistance to achieve the next level of the future fitter me!

  66. I’ve spent my life putting family first, now it’s my time to shine and finally put myself first. When my husband started his journey he inspired me to start mine with 100% commitment and 110% determination. I’ve come so far by myself but need help to achieve my next goals.

  67. I want to learn how to loose weight properly and maintain it, tone up, eat a balanced healthy diet, change my mindset about food and nutrition and adapt my lifestyle to suit. I just need to be steered in the right direction, i am fully committed to a change for the better.

  68. Hi Matt,
    I joined my first weigh loss class at the age of twelve, ( that’s thirty years ago!) through the years and countless different diets I’ve had verified success/failure. But each diet has left me more confused. I’m so lost when it comes to the basic food rules, portion sizes and fasting. I need to win this prize please!

  69. Hi Matt,

    I would love to win as iv just had 3 kids in 4 years and me time is impossible to find. I need a focus to help me get back on track, loose the weight iv gained and just to find myself again.

  70. Hi Matt,
    I would love to win as I have lost so much confidence with being bullied for years about being fat and I have tried everything but struggle to loose weight. Thank you.

  71. I’ve lost enthusiasm and drive during lockdown
    I’m certainly not as active and need to be motivated . I’m 60 next year and want to feel and be my healthiest

  72. I really want to begin this journey because I’m a serial stop starter, I need motivation and structure!! I’m a busy mum of 4 kids and I probably too easily let that be a reason or excuse to not make time for myself!! My youngest is 6 months and when I was 24 weeks pregnant I got Covid and this was prob the toughest time of my life, it led to a severe panic attack which led to mental health issues, thankfully I am now the other side of that and I really want to fully get back to myself including getting back to my pre pregnancy weight and also in my minds happy place where I used to really love and enjoy working out!! I hope this doesn’t sound like a sob story it’s just a little about my life for the past year!!! Can’t wait to start, can’t wait for your knowledge guidance and structure, I’m readddyyyy

  73. I would like to join this programme as I have learned to enjoy food and fitness in the last year due to having extra time with working from home and covid, I enjoy planning tasty and nutritious meals and getting my workouts done and feeling stronger and healthier overall. The meals on the page don’t look restrictive and I have tried a few of the recipes already, which I loved. I would love to learn more details about fitness and nutrition and from following Matt, I think it would be the best place to learn as I would still get to enjoy my favourite foods while also becoming healthier and happier. For me I need the accountability to help me achieve my goals and motivate me more and I would love to work with the team on these goals.

  74. Can’t wait to get started with the next FF56 programme. I have done it twice already and can honestly say it changed every part of my life! This summer was a tough one and I fell out of routine a bit especially with training so looking forward to getting back on track. It really it an amazing programme!

  75. Iv signed up for future fitness programme to get the support I need to change my dietary habits and get me in shape. Iv seen on Facebook lots of people who have been so successful with Team McFutureFitness and I want to be one of them!

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