”Just want to say thank you so much for the last 8 weeks.When I look back now I realise how much of a rut I was really in and I needed something to pull me out of it.

The Future Fitness 56 did just that and your help throughout the 8 weeks was paramount to it.

I’m really happy with my results although I still have more to do.But outside of pictures, weight and measurements, where I’ve gained the most success is mentally.

I really started to get down,I was in a bit of a negative space and I was very unhappy.

However the minute the program started,I almost instantly felt so much pressure lift off my shoulders and start feeling myself again.The power of exercise is unbelievable.”

– Future Fitness 56 participant

Matt’s thoughts;

”The Future Fitness 56 programme was created to show people how to develop healthy habits and routines around their diet and training.

It’s a sustainable approach to dieting. You don’t have to completely restrict yourself and cut out certain foods. It is about practicing restraint not restriction. You can still eat nice things on a diet and make progress!!

Eating well and exercising regularly will have a positive impact on stress, sleep and energy levels. This client’s whole mentality changed over the 8 weeks and she is now a lot more positive in her day to day life.

As well as that, she lost 8.5 lbs and 59.5cm (23.5 inches) from her measurements.”

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