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Charity Photoshoot 2024

Thank you for inquiring about joining our 2024 photoshoot team!


Over the last 7 years we’ve raised over €30,000 for charities in Ireland through our charity photoshoots!

We want to make 2023 the best year yet!


Every year we love helping a group of dedicated people who commit to the process, push themselves out of their comfort zone and take on the challenge of getting into the best shape they possibly can!


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The photoshoot prep is a 6 month coaching process which is completed through our 1 to 1 coaching programme.

Coaching will start in January and the shoot is scheduled for late May/June time. (To be confirmed)


It’s a minimum commitment of 6 months (and 1 month post shoot) because we make sure we do a pre-diet and post diet phase.

The pre-diet phase to prime your body for the fat loss phase.

Post diet to make sure you have a plan after the shoot and are guided through a reverse diet and maintenance phase.


You will work closely with me and the coaches, receiving expert guidance and coaching through the whole process.

We’ve worked with over 150 photoshoot prep clients and have all completed many of our own photoshoots over the past few years.

And we will be prepping for the shoot ourselves alongside you! 


Please Note – We do not take an extreme approach with our clients, even for photoshoot preps.


Because of this, we don’t take on everyone for the photoshoot.

We want to make sure that you are a right fit for our team and that you are in the right physical and mental place to take on the commitment of a photoshoot prep.

At MCFuturefitness, health comes first.

We are not willing to sacrifice the health of our clients for the sake of a photo.


Criteria For The Photoshoot: 

– Minimum of 1 year consistent weight training.

– Minimum of 1 year consistency with nutrition.

– Baseline knowledge of tracking calories & macro’s using myfitnesspal. 


This differs from the normal online coaching we do:

– We are not trying to teach habits. You should already have a baseline of training and nutrition going into it, we are just taking them to the next level.

– There’s a higher expectation with photoshoot clients and you’re expected to follow a meticulously laid out plan to get you maximum results.

– There’s less focus on lifestyle and trying to teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle and more of a focus on results.

– It’s not a short term thing. It’s a 6 month minimum process which will require time, effort and dedication.


If this sounds like you and you’re ready for the challenge of getting into the best shape of your life…

The next step is to book in a call where we can chat in more detail, see if you we are a good fit and put a plan in place to get started.

Click the link below to book in your call. 

We can’t wait to get started!

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