”I’ve been with Matt for nutrition for almost a year and a half now, he’s been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.

It took him a while but he’s completely changed my attitude to food and training, I’d say I’ve probably grown up a lot because of him????
He recently prepped me for a photoshoot along with 16 others, no joke to have that many people to look after!! Like a lot of women though there were parts of my body I wasn’t happy with and was self conscious about so that in itself was huge!

Not only did he navigate the food part but the mental part of it as well! For me that was the hardest part, the calories changing wasn’t the most difficult, it was changing my training on these reduced cals. He did it though, he calmed me down, reassured me and when I gave him a bit of grief he dealt with that too!
He really is the whole package, whether it’s for weight loss, recovery, strength (or like me just to be able to train as much as I wanted to), I couldn’t be more thankful for him and his team!
Actually if he’s done anything for me in the time we’ve been together I can credit him with giving me a completely different appreciation for my body! I used to want to be slim, now ,I want to be strong! If that means gaining weight to get stronger than that’s what I’ll do, I’m less impressed with how my body looks and more impressed with what it can do!!!
Goals are set again so we’re working towards them already. I’m lucky I have him in my corner!! Even if he does drive me crazy sometimes!!”

– Gina Sheehan

Matt’s thoughts;

”I’ve been working with Gina for a long time now and not only have we been able to make great progress physically & athletically (Gina is an avid Crossfitter) but we’ve also been able to really change her whole approach towards nutrition and how she thinks about food.Gina came to me like many others with a history of low calorie dieting combined with very high activity levels. Over time we were able to increase her calories while monitoring her training volume and allowing times to back off and recover.

This change in mindset and approach didn’t happen overnight. It’s a process that takes time and not only does your body have to adapt to it but also your mind.

I’m very proud of how far Gina has come on this journey.

Did I mention she’s a busy mother, a Crossfit coach, studying to be a PT all while prepping for our charity photoshoot!


Well done Gina! Proud coach!”

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