Where do i begin…

Well before i even committed to venture with Matt,He was the main reason i started back in the gym after not stepping foot in one in about 4 years.Seeing the results he achieved with his clients made me wanna get back into a routine which i was so desperately needing. After months of of being in a plateau of not making progress, I took the plunge to seek Matt’s guidance.
So we started an 8 week fat loss plan,which i was absolutely delighted with as i saw myself in great shape.

Just as the 8 weeks came to an end,the photoshoot opportunity was presented to me. To be apart of what i can only describe as the journey and experience of a lifetime. Where i pushed myself even harder and saw greater results. I can honestly say that with Matt by my side i have never been so confident in my fitness and nutrition.The gym finally became more of lifestyle than a chore.

Aside from all the physical changes to my body,Matt bestowed a mental change in me too,I have become more confident in myself and my abilities as my Instagram and Snapchat will show ?.

If anyone ever wants to take there fitness to the next level, Matt is the man
Not only a great coach, but a great friend!!!”

– Wayne ‘Gooch’ Cawley

Matt’s thoughts;

“When Gooch signed up with me, If I would have said to him in 5 months time your going to hop in front of a camera in highlighter yellow Calvin Klein underwear he would have thought I was crazy! 5 months later we had to drag him and his Calvin’s away from the camera

Watching and guiding him through the physical and mental changes he made was very rewarding for me. To see his confidence grow both in and out of the gym. He embraced the challenge of a photoshoot and fully committed himself to it and got the reward for it. I already have him warned not to forget me when Calvin Klein come calling ? Very proud coach.”

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