Here we have part four of our eating out on a diet series. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to choose lower calorie options from a Mexican grill/burrito bar. Some examples of these restaurants include Boojum, Chipotle, Zambrero.

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Burrito bars/Mexican grills have gotten really popular recently and Boojum is especially a favourite for a lot of people.

It is actually pretty easy to choose lower-calorie options here if you are dieting and want a low-calorie option!

The lowest option to order would be a bowl/salad over a burrito. Skipping the wrap has already saved you about 300 calories!   Chicken or lean mince is usually the lowest calorie protein options to order. It’s usually chicken thigh meat for the chicken option so a bit higher than a breast but still lower calorie than the pork, chorizo or beef options.

To save some calories, you can ask for lettuce instead of rice or even get half lettuce/half rice.

  If you skip the rice, you will save at least 200 calories.     Ask for lots of veg and some black beans or pinto beans. Beans are a really filling high fibre option (little bit of protein in them too).

  Guacamole can add about 100-200 calories to your bowl depending on portion size!

Cheese or queso sauce can add up about 100-150 calories to your bowl.

Sour cream usually about 50-100 calories per serving.     So skipping these 3 could save you quite a lot of calories! Alternatively, you could even just ask for a small serving of any of these!   The salsas are really low calorie especially the pico de gallo at about 15-20 calories per serving.  Corn salsa would be a bit higher at about 50-80 calories per serving.     They have lots of hot sauces on the table too such as chipotle/jalapeno which are usually all really low calorie.


A burrito can be well over 1000+ calories if you get everything in it! And then if you add nachos/chips on the side, you are talking about adding nearly another 1,000 calories!

If you are dieting, you can see how easily that would effect your over all weekly deficit and may even put you in a surplus! Where as if you ordered a bowl with no rice, lettuce, chicken/lean mince, veg, beans and salsas, it would probably be around the 400-500 calorie mark so this could easily fit in and still keep you on track! Then you could add rice/toppings/extras as needed to suit your calorie intake.     Being a bit more mindful with your choices means you will still be able to enjoy meals out while working towards your goals.     Check out some of our favourite low calorie Mexican recipes below.   If you found this article helpful or know anyone that loves Mexican, we would love it you could share this!! Next up is some tips for eating out in an Indian restaurant. Check out the article here: ➡ How To Eat Out On A Diet: INDIAN[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1558000522414{background-color: #2fa2aa !important;}”]

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