“This programme was a real lifestyle changer for me in more ways than just new eating habits, I felt a lot better after a month or so and had no more random headaches which I used to get fairly often, and just had a better feeling about myself in general. It’s an enjoyable couple of months feeling your body changing and also learning more about it.”

– Jamie Fawky

RESULTS Client Jamie’s 8 week transformation. NO WEIGHT CHANGE HERE OVER THE 8 WEEKS!!! But a lot of changes did happen; – Body recomposition. As you can see from the pictures Jamie has lost a significant amount of bodyfat and gained lean muscle mass through consistent weight training. – Complete lifestyle change. Jamie’s diet went from running off sugar, sweets and soft drinks to eating mainly nutritious whole foods, lots of meat, fruit, veg and water. The knock on effects this had on his energy levels and sleep were enormous. – Exercise Consistently training between 4 to 5 days a week with a mixture of weight training and cardio. Fitness levels and strength improved greatly over the 8 weeks. Credit to Jamie for his commitment to making a complete lifestyle change, everybody knows how tough it can be and he did this after moving to Australia which can be hard enough to do on it’s own. One of the many great things about online coaching is you have the ability to help people no matter where they are in the world!!! #mcfuturefitness #committedtoresults #transformation #personaltrainer #onlinecoaching #pt #flexfriday #fitfam #irishfitfam #fatloss #diet #training #gym #fitness #cleaneating

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Matt’s thoughts;

”Jamie’s transformation was as much mental as it was physical. Our main goals were to change his lifestyle, eating habits and behaviors. His weight stayed pretty much the same over the 8 weeks but his body shape changed considerably and his habits improved drastically. I really believe that this has set him up to make some long term progress and now he has the tools to continue on his fitness journey. ”

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