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Group Personal training

You get all the perks of one to one personal training except for you will be in a group setting! 10 people per class, 5 people max to 1 coach. Running on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. Times to be finalised. Sessions will be held in the Fitness Factory Gym in Nenagh.
High quality coaching from two experienced coaches who will teach you how to lift weights safely and efficiently. You will be training with like minded people, all looking to get results, learn and have fun while doing so. By limiting classes to smaller numbers, we will be able to give everyone more personal attention and a better quality of coaching. Using structured programs, you will be able to see and feel yourself progressing each week.


Fitness Class
Will run on a Monday evening in the Fitness Factory. Times to be finalised.
Classes will change each week to keep it challenging, interesting and always fun.



Nutrition Talks
Two 30 minute talks at the start and end of the program.
Week 1- Setting up your diet to succeed. This will take place on Saturday January 7th, the starting day of the program. This talk will cover the basic principles of nutrition, how you can apply it to your diet, common nutrition myths and also any questions you may have regarding the plan.
Week 6- Long term weight management. This will take place at the end of the program. It will cover long term dieting strategies, how to continue on making progress beyond the program and common mistakes people make. The goal is for everyone to walk away confident about their ability to keep getting results and making progress.


Facebook Group
Anyone who signs up will be automatically put into a private facebook group. We will be doing daily tips and covering weekly topics to keep everyone motivated and learning along the way. This provides constant support for everyone and gives the chance for everyone to share any ideas, chat, get to know each other and help one another. Any Q & A for the coaches will also be done here and we will always be on hand to give any advice or answer any questions.



Nutrition Plan & Handbook
Everyone will receive a hanbook at the start of the program. It will explain all the nutrition principles, nutrition guidelines, a calorie controlled diet, supplement guide and tips to help you make your diet suit your lifestyle.  You will be able to constantly refer back to it for any problems you may have and the facebook group will always be there if you have any questions not covered in the book.



Measurements & Bodyfat
These will be taken at the start and the end of the program to compare and see how much progress has been made.


Weekly Weigh ins and progress pictures
Weigh ins will happen once a week, most likely before the saturday morning Group personal training sessions. This is great for accountability and motivation. We will be asking people to take their own progress pictures at the start and upon finishing the program.


Price: €300
Deposits of €50 are being taken to secure your place.
Make the best transformation and get your money back!!!
Start date: Saturday January 7th. 
– Initial Body fat and measurement assessments
– Receive your nutrition plan & handbook
– 30 minute Nutrition talk. Setting up your diet to succeed.



To sign up just fill in the form below and I will be in touch as soon as possible as places are limited.

Matthew Cooney
Body Transformation specialist


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