“I was very anxious about stepping up into a higher more competitive bodybuilding class, but Matt always believed that i was capable and assured me every day that i was on track, he always kept the diet and macros easy to follow and was always there for support every morning and night and i wouldn’t have finished top 6 in my first bodybuilding contests in both Irish national shows without his help and support”

– Jesse Moran- Junior Bodybuilding Competitor

Matt’s thoughts;

“Anyone who knows Jesse knows how much passion he has for bodybuilding and how serious he takes it. Getting into contest shape is as hard mentally as it is physically and my job was to really educate Jesse on the process, guide him through it and support him through all the ups and downs. It was a great learning process for the both of us and we came out with a lot of positives from it. Jesse prepped himself for his shows the following year and improved his placings finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively. Being able to get him to a place where he was confident enough to go through prep himself, I would look at that as a positive for me where others wouldn’t. I have no doubt he will have a good career in bodybuilding and look forward to seeing him on stage in years to come. “