”I have just completed Future Fitness 56 programme with Matt. I decided to join Matt’s programme as I was in the gym 3 days a week and thought I could eat what i liked (unfortunately it doesn’t work like that). I was wasting my time and money on the gym. So I signed up to learn how to be healthier.

Matt sent me my programme and I couldn’t get over all the food I could eat and still lose weight on it. I really enjoyed the foods and my energy levels increased. I could start to see a shape in my body which I haven’t seen in years and never thought I would see again.

I would highly recommend Matt, any queries I had, Matt answered very promptly. This is only the start of my journey. I am looking forward to continue working with Matt.”

– Jillian

Matt’s thoughts;

”Jillian had been putting in the hard work in the gym, she just needed guidance with her diet and lifestyle. So happy with her results over the 8 weeks!!

A busy mother and business owner, we found a way of making it as easy on possible to keep on track with her diet.

Energy improved over the 8 weeks, as well as losing 7 lbs and 38cm (15 inches) from her measurements.

Really looking forward to continue working with her over the next few months to see what we can achieve!”

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