”I signed up with Matt after years of going to the gym with no goals or structure in place for training and nutrition. Like many people, I was just going through the motions not really seeing any progression in terms of strength or physique. Having known Matt for years I knew how knowledgeable he was and after seeing all the positive results he got with people with all sorts of backgrounds I was confident he would do a job on me.

A lot of what I know about nutrition I learned from Matt during college. So when I signed up I was happy to find that no eating plan was needed for me. I just had to track my macronutrient intake for the first time ever. This was hard to begin with but with Matt’s guidance, it was nearly second nature after a week. I quickly learned what foods I needed more and less of.

The best thing about Matt is that he really wants you to better yourself and he puts in a lot of effort reviewing your progress every week and making adjustments to your program based on indicators such as training,diet, hydration and lifestyle to name a few. At times, the training got tough but Matt would always have some piece of motivation that would give me the extra push I needed to get through it.

The most important thing I learned from Matt is that your health and well being is not just an ” eight week plan.” It is s a commitment for life but when you break it down in to small plans and goals it makes it sustainable.

For anyone who has a fitness goal they want to achieve, with Matt’s help and a bit of commitment, I have no doubt you will exceed this goal.”


– John Cunningham

Matt’s thoughts;

”Since this initial 8 weeks where we dropped 10 pounds to give John a better foundation to build muscle on top of, we’ve been going through quite a good bulking phase and John has continued to make really good progress and is embracing the process along the way.

Patience and consistency.

Looking forward to seeing his progress over the next few months!!”

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