”This is my second time working with Matt and as always he provided me with a plan that suited my lifestyle and still maximised results.

The thing about committing myself to something is that if I cant find enjoyment in it I find it hard to stay motivated but with Matt’s style of training I found staying on track easy and I find when you have your nutrition and regime organised it can help organise all the other variables in your life.

Weight loss is a pretty simple task when you break it down but I think the biggest gain from your time with Matt is knowledge. He’ll not only give you the results you want but give you the know-how and tools to make your own intuitive decisions so that you understand everything you are doing and why your doing it. I’m continuing to work with Matt to add muscle after a fantastic few months with results I know I just couldn’t have achieved without Matt’s knowledge and encouragement.

If you haven’t worked with Matt yet and feel like you’ve been on an endless rollercoaster of ups and downs in trying to go it alone then take the plunge and give him a try. A quick flick through his profile will show you the amazing work he’s doing with his clients. You wont regret it.”

– John O’Brien

Matt’s thoughts;

”I’ve worked with John a couple of times now both on a weekly and monthly basis.What’s great about John;
– He asks questions. When you know why you are doing something, it makes it easier to stick to it.- He’s accountable for his own decisions.
If he goes off track, there’s never any excuses! He owns his decisions, he accepts it and gets back on track.- He has embraced the process.
His thirst for knowledge has allowed him to constantly learn and improve. He understands how habits, routines and daily practices can have a positive effect on his overall health and day to day living.
– He’s in it for the long term. He’s not trying to get shredded in 8 weeks or gain 10kg of muscle in 10 weeks. We are focusing on slow, consistent progress while being able to fit it into his lifestyle in a sustainable way constantly improving overall health.

A pleasure to work with and always entertaining!! He has genuinely had me in stitches laughing with some of his check-ins.”

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