”A huge thanks to Matt over the last few weeks for all the hard work he has put into me. After completing the first Future Fitness 56 programme I wanted to push myself further and see how much more I could change my body shape.

I felt I needed to be accountable for a further few weeks just so I was sure I would be able to continue this lifestyle on my own in the future. The tips Matt has given me over the past two programmes have been invaluable to my transformation and I definitely would not have been able to do it without his support.

Matt is there for you in every way possible along your journey and his guidance on the physical and mental changes you go through is second to none.

His website is full of recipes so you never get bored of your meal plan and even though the exercise is challenging at times, the results at the end speak for themselves.

My only advice is don’t even hesitate to sign up with him. Just do it!”

– Julie

Matt’s thoughts;

”Julie was the winner of our last Future Fitness 56 best over all transformation. She signed up again to this one and continued to make amazing results.

She lost 9 pounds and 40cm (16 inches) over the last 8 weeks (total of 16.6 lbs over the 16 weeks).

Julie’s weight loss journey has been incredible and we are happy to be a part of it and to help her continue on making progress over the coming months.”

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