”I can’t recommend Mcfuturefitness enough. A couple of months ago I felt ready to commit into a nutrition & fitness programme. I had made some progress on my own from obvious lifestyle changes but felt I needed support/guidance not to fall back into old habits.

Matt’s programme educates, is flexible, understands that people need to enjoy their life and focuses on so much more than the physical goal.”

– Keely

Matt’s thoughts;

”Keely had already made some great progress on her own but decided to sign up to the Future Fitness 56 challenge to give her that little extra push in the right direction.

She made unbelievable progress over the 8 weeks even with a few holidays and events in between!! Her whole mindset towards nutrition changed and we were so happy to hear how she was even able to stay on track on holidays. Still able to enjoy some nice meals out just compensating else where so that she could still make progress.

She lost 5.5lbs and 14.5cm (nearly 6 inches). Her whole body composition has changed!!”

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