”I didn’t expect to enjoy doing this programme as much as I did. Losing weight and trying to tone up seems like hard work but Matt made it enjoyable and realistic.

I wanted it to continue on for another 8 weeks! Matt never made you feel bad if you went off track. He made me realize there is no point dwelling on the bad moments/days, just get over it and get back on track. Perfection was never expected and I loved that about this programme.

Eve’s recipes are also amazing, she could make any dish low cal and have it taste great. I’m so happy I did the Future Fitness 56 and I am looking forward to doing another programme with Matt in the future. Thanks again guys!”

– Laura (Future Fitness 56 Client)

Matt’s thoughts;

”Laura’s transformation was amazing!! Really proud of the changes she made over the eight weeks!!

Being a busy mother and working night shifts, it can be so hard to make time for yourself but she was able to get great results while still having a balance with everything and was even able to keep on track on a family holiday.

She got into a really good routine with her meal prepping and really enjoyed creating healthy recipes!! Her energy really improved over the course of the 8 weeks which is so important as a mother especially having a young son!!

Things are going to always come up and get in the way, but Laura realized that you don’t have to be 100% perfect to make progress!! If you have a bad day, just put it behind you and get straight back on track!! Consistency always beats perfection.”

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