”My weight has dropped by 11.5 pounds which I am delighted with and I am comfortably back in my pre-pregnancy clothes.
Thanks again for the boost I needed. Although my discipline slipped in the last 3 weeks with all that went on between prepping for an interview, Christmas party and my family home from Oz, I felt I made better choices regarding food & drinks when I was out!

I probably wasn’t your best client where tracking is concerned, but you have really helped me change my thinking around food, the right macros to eat , and the kind of exercises I can do to fit in to my busy week!”

– Louise Roberts

Matt’s thoughts;

”Myself & Louise worked together for 8 weeks leading up to Christmas and I’m super proud of the changes she was able to make in such a short time.

Louise has a very busy schedule between work and family life which meant that every week didn’t go exactly to plan. Things got in the way and situations came up, but as a say to all my clients “CONSISTENCY BEATS PERFECTION.” She was able to get back on track each time and still achieved unbelievable results.

We focused on a few key elements here to achieve these results;

– Back into a routine of exercising regularly and enjoying the exercise she chose to do. (2-3 days per week)
– Increased awareness of calories, how much she consumes day to day and what’s in certain foods.
– Increasing protein intake by trying to get 3-5 servings per day.
– Making better choices with food & drinks while eating out.
– Being able to adapt and recover when things didn’t go to plan.”

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