“I didn’t realise my 12 weeks were finished. It’s after going extremely fast , but I can’t thank you enough for your amazing work. Going in to this I just expected to to get a better knowledge of nutrition but I actually came out with a lot more. I feel amazing – full of energy ,sleeping well ,feeling stronger and have seen huge changes in my body. I couldn’t be happier!! I’m gonna continue to work hard but also enjoy Christmas!!”

– Lyndsey O’Grady

Matt’s thoughts;

”We worked together for 3 months leading up to Christmas and I’m really proud of the changes made by Lyndsey, not only the physical changes but also the lifestyle changes.

There was major improvements in;
– Sleep
– Energy
– Stress management
– Training performance
– Knowledge of nutrition

This was one of those situations where the scales didn’t move much but you can see major differences in body composition from the pictures. This is why we use many tools to measure progress! The scales is just one of those tools and sometimes may not be telling the whole story of what is happening!

I’m looking forward to working again with her in 2018 and making even more progress!”

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