”Thanks very much for all your feedback and for everything. I really hope to use this information going forward to be able to continue on by myself.

I definitely notice how much stronger I have gotten over the course of the programme and lifting heavier weights.

I felt really full on the meal plan and I am more energetic since I started the programme.”

– Maura

Matt’s thoughts;

”Maura made great progress over the 8 weeks while still being able to enjoy a few nights out and occasions.

She had quite a busy schedule between college and working 2 jobs with some late night shifts so building good habits and routines was really important for her to stay on track.

Her diet and activity levels really improved over the programme.

She got into a really good routine with weight training over the course of the programme! Her strength in her main lifts improved and she really enjoyed her gym programme.

Maura lost 8.5 lbs and 5 inches from her measurements.”

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