“It was great having Matt as a coach, he really helped me keep on track and keep me accountable each month. This is by a long shot the most consistent I’ve ever been with my calorie tracking and training. I would highly recommend Matt to anyone who is looking for online coaching.”

– Michael Hayes

Matt’s thoughts;

“Even coaches need a coach!
Michael is an online coach himself (@Mentalhealthfitnesscoach) and manages a gym over in Perth, Australia so he knows the process and understands nutrition and training.
So why would he need a coach?
What we I be able to provide him?
– Accountability
– Consistent monitoring
– Feedback and communication
– Structure and support
These are all things we all need in order to be successful with our fitness journeys.
In can be good for any coach to let go of the reigns and hand your own training and nutrition over to someone else. It takes you out of your comfort zone and can be a great learning experience as it puts the shoe on the other foot. You have to be accountable, you have to report to your coach and if your not doing what your supposed to, you will be pulled up on it. You get to feel what it’s like to be a client and in turn it will make you a better coach. During his 3 months with me we were able to keep Michael more consistent than he ever has been and we achieved some great results.”

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