“I think your program was super! It was so specific to me and my goals. I learned so much from you and learned so much about myself too! The PT sessions were so beneficial and I’m so much more confident in the gym!

From all my years of exercising in gyms, doing classes and being into fitness you are 100% the best PT I’ve met yet!

And you really Seem to enjoy it too! I can now use all the knowledge you taught me to go forward and continue to set goals and keep making progress! Thanks for everything Matt.”

– Michelle O’Reilly

Matt’s thoughts;

“Michelle’s transformation was more about getting her love for the gym, exercising and eating healthy back as she was struggling to find motivation since having her first child. Through a structured plan that suited her and focusing on strength training in the gym we managed to do just that. We did 2 PT sessions together and she picked up technique really quickly which allowed her strength to go up massively. Consistency beats perfection! As anyone with young kids can relate to, not every week was perfect for Michelle but her consistency was there throughout the program and her results show it.”


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