‘’ I can’t believe the eight weeks are finished, it’s after going extremely fast. I can’t thank you enough for your amazing work. Before I started this programme weight loss and healthy eating seemed unmanageable and unrealistic. I never expected to get as much out of this as I have. I feel amazing, I have a lot more energy and my sleeping pattern is the best it’s ever been. Matt made sure every aspect of my plan was realistic and achievable and made the programme enjoyable as well as incorporating it into my everyday life. My stress has improved and as a final year college student writing my thesis, this has been extremely beneficial. Before I started this I can honestly say I hated exercise, even down to walking I just would not do it. My motivation has improved so much that for the first time ever I have joined a gym and I am currently beginning to enjoy doing exercise. I now aim every day to get a certain amount of steps in and by doing this I hope to improve my attitude towards walking and hope to start enjoying it. As I am now at the end of my eight weeks I want to thank you so much for your help and encouragement. You’ve really boosted my confidence and I am now beginning to like my body again for the first time in years.’’

– Nicola Meagher

Matt’s thoughts;

“Nicola lost 6 pounds and her measurements dropped by over 10 inches.
As well as that during the 8 weeks, her whole mindset towards health and fitness changed.
She has a better understanding of nutrition and her energy and sleep has improved.
She joined a gym over the 8 weeks and was able to balance exercise, keeping active and healthy eating all while in her last year of college.
Really proud of her results and looking forward to seeing what the next 8 weeks brings!!”

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