”This is the second Future Fitness 56 programme that I have completed and it will not be the last. The first time I did it, I learned so much about food and training and forming good habits which was something I continued even after it was done.

The second time round, I hadn’t returned to bad habits but I found that I needed the accountability again to keep me on track. I found moving up a level in the workouts that I was getting stronger and more confident which helped with motivation.

The weekly recipes were fantastic and even though I was in a calorie deficit, I didn’t feel like I was on a diet because the food was so tasty and I was able to have such a variety of foods. The Facebook group was a great support throughout because you can see that many people have similar thoughts to you and it’s good to feel like you’re not alone on your fitness journey.

Eve was a fantastic coach and was so detailed in her feedback, it’s so good knowing that there’s someone only a quick message away if you need help staying in track or if you’re unsure of anything.So excited that there will be an app later this year and I’m also really looking forward to doing the programme when I move back to Ireland and see the changes I can make there!”

– Nicole Talbot, UAE

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