“I didn’t physically meet you but yet you still kept me motivated every single day. You were only the touch of a button away via website login, Facebook and emails. This was one of my biggest concerns – sticking to something for 8 weeks.

I’m extremely happy with my results as I feel like I have been trying to diet since I was 19 and not really getting anywhere (6 years). I only stuck to the plan 70% of the time as I had a lot on over the 8 weeks such as weekends away, nights out etc.

I absolutely loved my tailored programme. I was able to plan my meals, gym, work, college and social life. The food choices gave me a lot more energy! I even had more money in my pocket as I was only doing one weekly shop and not impulse buying the wrong choices of food. I have a better understanding of how important carbs are and that you don’t need to go to the gym everyday to see results!! Thanks for all your help Matt.”

– Nicole (Future Fitness 56 Client)

Matt’s thoughts;

“Nicole had tried a lot of diets and methods to lose weight in the past but after a few weeks, she would find her self falling off track and back at square one! This happens a lot of people. It’s usually because they try to do too much at once and it is unsustainable.

After completing the programme, she now realizes that you don’t need to spend hours in the gym and have a completely restrictive diet in order to make progress! You can still enjoy your favourite foods, you just need to be more mindful and aware of portion control.

The difference in her pictures is unreal!! 5 lbs might not seem like much but it is clear her shape has completely changed! Perfect example of the difference between fat loss and weight loss.

As well as this, her energy and sleep really improved. She feels much more confident in herself and got a lot stronger in the gym progressing week to week!

She was able to achieve such an amazing transformation even with a few nights out, getting really sick over the programme and a weekend away in between!
Well done Nicole.”

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