”Thanks so much for all the positive comments and advice over this programme. It has been a great help to me over the last few months.

My mind set has definitely changed in relation to food and am so conscious now of balance on a day to day basis.

Weight loss has always been slow for me but I know the good habits are working.”

– Olivia

Matt’s thoughts;

”Olivia took part in the first Future Fitness 56 programme and signed up again to our Summer edition.

She made some amazing lifestyle changes over the 16 weeks. She really upped her activity levels, got into a really good routine with working out and starting creating lots of healthy recipes at home.

You don’t need to eat boring and plain foods while dieting and Olivia proved just that as she was always trying out new recipes and sharing them with our private Facebook group.

Really delighted to see how far she has come on this fitness journey. She put in really hard work and was so consistent making little improvements each week!

She lost just under a stone and 26 inches from her measurements!”

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