6 Week Fat Loss Foundations

Learn how to lose fat and keep it off!
  • Tailored Nutrition Plan.
  • 6 Week home or gym training plan.
  • Over 25 educational modules.
  • Science Based. Results Driven.
  • Split into 4 phases to guide you through the process.
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  • Comprehensive Setup Guide | How to use your plan.
  • Diet Information | Serving sizes, how to measure food.
  • Calorie and macronutrient controlled Plan | How to set up your diet.
  • Full Training Programme | 6 week home or gym programme.
  • Adjustments Guide | How to adjust your diet for continued progress
  • Bodyweight, Pictures & Measurements Tracking | Monitor your progress, easy to use.
  • FAQ/Q & A section | Answering all the most commonly asked questions.
  • Lifestyle Guides | To help manage stress, sleep and many other areas.
  • Recipe Library | Simple high protein recipes and meal options.
  • BONUS #1 | Lifetime access to the MC Future Fitness Recipe library
  • BONUS #2 | Lifetime Access to the MC Future Fitness Private online exercise library
  • BONUS #3 | Free Email support for any problems.
  • BONUS #4 | Video tutorials walking you through the plan with lots of tools and downloadable resources that you can keep.

€149.00 / 6 Weeks

Online Personal Coaching

Helping People All Over The World Get Results!

Online coaching is a great way to receive expert level coaching from wherever you are in the world through a completely online based program. It’s designed to empower the client to understand the process so that they can continue to make progress long after they finish with the coach.

At MCFuturefitness we pride ourselves in delivering top quality one to one coaching, we want you to understand the ‘why’ behind your results. Once you understand the ‘why’ it sets you up for long term success.

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Online coaching provides you with a large amount of accountability as you check in weekly with the coach who monitors everything from your hydration levels to stress to your performance. We are always at the end of the line to help you with any problems you may have.

This is more than just training and diet, it’s a support network putting you in a positive environment designed to help you succeed, providing you with ongoing education and resources to help you achieve the results you want.

Every plan is carefully tailored to each individual, we don’t do generic plans.


Bonus Features;

Weekly check ins;

We then check in every week to monitor progress. We get you to fill out detailed report forms and tracking sheets so that we can get as much information as possible to help us make the right adjustments and advice. We monitor a number of variables like stress, sleep, hydration, recovery, performance and hunger. A combination of these along with feedback from the client will allow us to give detailed updates and recommendations going forward.

We will respond with your updates within 24 hours of your check in.

How it works?

First you will fill out a detailed questionnaire including goal setting, before photos, diet history and evaluation, training history and evaluation, lifestyle evaluation and injury screening. From this questionnaire we will make your individualized program based around your lifestyle. We tailor your nutrition and training to what we think will suit you best. We will give you a realistic timeline for you to achieve your goals and continue to set mini goals along the way ranging from performance goals in the gym to habitual changes with your lifestyle.

  • BONUS #1 | Added to the private facebook group for ongoing education, interaction and motivation. 
  • BONUS #2 | Access to the online exercise library to show you technique on exercises.
  • BONUS #3 | 24/7 Whats app support for any problems or questions you have. I will respond as soon as I can. 

€200.00 / month

*Minimum 3 Month Sign Up Applies

Future Fitness 56

Join our 8 Week Online body transformation challenge!


Next start date: January 2020

  • Tailored Nutrition Plan
  • Weekly workout videos
  • Home or gym workouts
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Bi-Weekly Check ins with personal coach.
  • Constant accountability & support
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  • Detailed Questionnaire  | So we get to know you
  • Comprehensive Welcome Pack  | Covering all areas of the plan
  • Tailored Meal Plan | Made to your preferences
  • Home or Gym Training Programme | Depending on level & experience
  • Private Facebook Group | Education, support & accountability
  • Weekly Q & A’s | Covering any questions & key areas
  • Weekly Recipe Ideas | Keep your diet fresh & varied
  • Personal check ins | Monitor progress & give any adjustments/advice needed.
  • BONUS #1 | Over €300 worth of prizes to be won!
  • BONUS #2 | Access to the MC Future Fitness Private online exercise library
  • BONUS #3 | High protein recipe and meal option E-Book. This will give you lots of ideas on meals and how to make them.
  • BONUS #4 | Free access to the MC Future Fitness Private Facebook Group once finished.
  • .

€169.00 / 8 Weeks