“A huge thanks to Matt who guided me through a few months of getting into better shape. His knowledge and experience is top class.

I have learned so much about food and calories (some learnings were very frightening!) from my time working with Matt. Always there to answer any questions and keep me positive at all times.

I would highly recommend this man to guide you through your health journey.”

– Paul Lillis

Matt’s thoughts;

”Paul and I worked together for 5 months and I was able to help him lose two and a half stone (35 pounds).

We really focused on developing his knowledge surrounding nutrition so that he would be able to continue on making progress even after finishing up coaching.

-Learning how to track calories.
-What’s in the foods we eat.
-How to eat in a calorie deficit.
-How to make it sustainable.
-How to enjoy training.
-How to get stronger and fitter.

These were the main focuses for us and my aim was to make sure that when he finished with me, he had all the necessary tools needed to move forward.”

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